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Design Systems Repo
An organized and frequently updated collection of Design System examples, resources, tools, articles and videos.

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7 hours ago by michaelfox
A design system for the federal government
Design and build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly government websites backed by user research.
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11 hours ago by amason
DesignPatternsPHP — DesignPatternsPHP 1.0 documentation
This is a collection of known design patterns and some sample code how to implement them in PHP. Every pattern has a small list of examples (most of them from Zend Framework, Symfony2 or Doctrine2 as I’m most familiar with this software).

I think the problem with patterns is that often people do know them but don’t know when to apply which.
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yesterday by wjy
Refactoring and Design Patterns
Refactoring.Guru makes it easy for you to discover everything you need to know about refactoring, design patterns, SOLID principles and other smart programming topics.

The primary purpose of this site is to show the big picture. I want to demonstrate how all these subjects intersect, how they work together and how they are still relevant. I don't pretend to be the inventor of these concepts–most of them were invented by others during the past 20 years. But I think that the connection between refactoring, patterns and general programming principles still remains a mystery for the majority of programmers. And this is the problem I would like to solve here.
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25 days ago by wjy

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