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Explaining GraphQL Connections – Apollo GraphQL
Caleb Meredith gives some background regarding GraphQL connections and some GraphQL schema design suggestions including how to implement edges and edge properties. Good read.
GraphQL  Apollo  edge  property  properties  cursor  schema  connections  designPattern 
23 days ago by searchmeister
Your API Choice Could Make Or Break Your Company...
GraphQL vs Rest. The argument put forward is that for more complex applications a GraphQL api makes a lot more sense than Rest. One reason for this is the lower complexity and less duplication involved in making changes to GraphQL based interfaces when changes are required.
graphQL  REST  API  designPattern  serverSide  Database  graph 
5 weeks ago by searchmeister
Bridge Pattern | Design Patterns Simplified - Simple Programmer
In this post, I’ll be covering the bridge pattern. Many experienced and inexperienced developers struggle with this build pattern.
bridge  designpattern 
8 weeks ago by lgtout

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