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Folder Studio
Visual identities, websites, publications and other printed and digital matter for cultural and commercial clients. Founded in 2013 by Jon Gacnik, Takumi Akin, and Wesley Chou.

1031 N. Broadway, Los Angeles

Select Clients:
Archinect, ArtCenter College of Design, Bloomberg Business, Building Block, David Kordansky Gallery, David Lynch Foundation, Doug Aitken, East of Borneo, ForYourArt, Ghostly International, Google Design, Hat & Beard Press, L.A. Forum for Architecture & Urban Design, LD Tuttle, Machine Project, Morphosis Architects, Parker Gallery, Processing Foundation, Red Bull Music Academy, UCLA Architecture Urban Design, UCLA Design Media Arts, X‑TRA Contemporary Arts Quarterly

Select Press:
It’s Nice That ( 1, 2, 3 ), Walker Art Center, Shoplifters, Google Design, Manystuff

Current & Past Collaborators:
Albert Lee, Adam Ferriss, Austin Redman, Ben Schwartz, Connie Chang, Erin Keeffe, Gleb Denisov, Jenny Hirons, Jon-Kyle Mohr, Marija Radisavljevic, Melia Tandiono, Richard Caceres, Sara Mon, Wilm Thoben
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10 minutes ago by stjp
(لا يسأم الإنسان من دعاء الخير وإن مسه الشر فيئوس قنوط) [فصلت:49]
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11 minutes ago by dcolanduno
FREE download | Bloomicon are giving away for free this cool After Effects project that contains 9 #animations. Find out more and check out the pro version > #freebie #freebies 🎈:
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23 minutes ago by dcolanduno
Wheeled Mobility – Spinal Cord Injury BC
Five things I wish I could tell industrial designers: My love/hate relationship with the internet-fuelled cult of wheelchair industrial design concepts
assistive-tech  design  wheelchairs  snark  snappy 
34 minutes ago by jesse_the_k
This great set of full colour letter graphics named Aqua is the latest premium resource for Access All Areas members!
design  web-design  layout  art  webdev  graphic  graphicdesign  graphic-design  web-dev  photoshop  Adobe  type  typography  font  fonts 
52 minutes ago by dcolanduno
@pentagram : Paula Scher talks to @artsy about how to pursue a career in graphic design & how she stays creative: "It’s mostly being able to have an open mind." :
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55 minutes ago by dcolanduno

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