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Collection of design link, e.g. Design Principles and Guides, Inspiration, UI/UX, Design Resources, Icons, Photography, Design News, Communities and Tools
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5 days ago by Jolantis
Chicago Design System
Documented public identity for the City of Chicago
branding  design-systems 
28 days ago by mycotn
Helping Designers Adhere to a Design System with Sketch
If you’re a designer who needs to create and manage a library to help others adhere to a design system, read on. We’ve found the following helpful as we design digital tools that over 1 million associates use throughout the U.S.
design  design-systems  collaboration  documentation 
4 weeks ago by abberdab
Styled System
Style props for rapid UI development
css  library  design-systems 
5 weeks ago by vieron
Design System Playground
Tool for visualizing design systems
design-systems  tools 
5 weeks ago by mycotn
Laying the Foundations — A Book About Design Systems
A book about design systems by Andrew Couldwell. This is real talk about creating design systems and digital brand guidelines. No jargon, no glossing over the hard realities, and no company hat. Just good advice, experience, and practical tips.
design-systems  books 
6 weeks ago by iyoti
A Few Useful Design System Rationales - Julio Cesar Ody - Medium
I’ve been thinking a lot about how the establishing of better processes for implementing designs in code went at companies I worked with for the last few years, the barriers that hindered the adoption of anything new, and how to help people think of design systems less as a fad and more as an effective pipeline for creating, implementing, and maintaining a good flow. Front-end teams live or die based on how well they do this, and as such, I find it surprising how few will give it much thought beyond simply wishing that there was a way things could be done faster and better.
design-systems  webdev  Frontend 
7 weeks ago by 1luke2
No Style Design System
complements Adam Silvers book Form Design Patterns
web  design-systems 
7 weeks ago by FND
Designing accessible color systems
Using "perceptually uniform" colour spaces to create an accessible, balanced colour scheme
accessibility  design  design-systems  web-design 
7 weeks ago by tremolo

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