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Calltoidea - Light up your imagination
Calltoidea is the unique place where you can find inspiration. A great tool created by a deisnger for web professionals.
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8 weeks ago by vancura
Mobile Design Patterns - Pttrns
Pttrns is the finest collection of design patterns, resources and inspiration.
design-pattern  reference 
8 weeks ago by vancura
The UI pattern library for the Stack Overflow, Stack Overflow Careers, and the Stack Exchange Network.
design-pattern  web-design 
11 weeks ago by LaptopHeaven
Bridge is a structural design pattern that lets you split a large class or a set of closely related classes into two separate hierarchies—abstraction and implementation—which can be developed independently of each other.
january 2019 by wangchen
GamesWatch – Games, curated.
Game references for fans and game creators alike.
ux  game  reference  design-pattern 
january 2019 by vancura
Everything you need to know about skeleton screens – UX Collective
Years ago, I wrote about Designing for the Appearance of Speed, outlining some impetus and methods for creating the illusion of short page load times in apps and on the web. Shortly after that…
skeleton  research  ux  ui  Unread  design-pattern  loading  page  (popular  about 
november 2018 by atran
Design toolkits and samples for UWP apps - UWP app developer
Get the latest downloads and tools for UWP apps user interface layout and controls designs.
design-system  figma  windows  design-pattern 
october 2018 by vancura
No Good, Very Bad UX Writing Mistakes – UX Planet
These are the top 10 UX writing bloopers ruining user experiences everywhere.
design-pattern  ux 
october 2018 by vancura
Everything you need to know about skeleton screens – UX Collective
the holding piece screens, actual user testing on how fast things feel.
design-pattern  ux 
october 2018 by timotheus

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