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Blue Fields by WerewolvesAreReal (Star Trek: The Original Series)
Summary: In his thirteenth year James Kirk ends up on Tarsus IV with his aunt and uncle. During the famine he takes refuge with a six year-old named Kevin Riley and a young half-Vulcan.
words:20.000+  fandom:startrek  fandom:startrek:tos  pairing:kirk/spock  character:kirk  character:spock  character:keven_riley  description:tarsusiv  description:t'hy'la  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:werewolvesarereal  title:blue  fields 
october 2015 by isoldam
Break Down In the Shape of Things to Come by shaenie (White Collar / Star Trek: AOS)
Summary: After the battle in the Laurentian System, the Defiance requires extensive repairs, leaving Captain Burke filling in at Starfleet Academy (whether he wants to or not), where he meets troubled half-Vulcan Neal Caffrey, under what are not the best circumstances for either of them.
crossover  fandom:whitecollar  fandom:startrek:aos  pairing:peter/neal  character:peter_burke  character:neal_caffrey  description:academyfic  description:t'hy'la  description:ponfarr  genre:slash  rating:explicit  author:shaenie  words:100.000+ 
april 2012 by isoldam
Title: kafeh: the lover, the slut by shingo_the_pest (Star Trek: AOS)
"You were the first thing on my mind when I awoke," Spock admits freely, his own thoughts mixed with desire and not yet fully awake. "I want you." He had crawled out of his quarters with T'Pring, and walked through the dark twilight barefoot across the rocky turf straight to Jim's compartment. Now he pulls Jim into his arms, and exhales into Jim's neck, nuzzling and breathing in the human’s scent. Jim still smells of their sex last night. Ah, Spock’s lustfulness has been growing by the day. Soon he and T'Pring would enter their next cycle.
fandom:startrek  fandom:startrek:aos  character:spock  character:kirk  character:t'pring  pairing:kirk/spock  description:ponfarr  description:t'hy'la  description:bottom!kirk  rating:explicit  author:shingo_the_pest  words:1000-5000  genre:slash 
october 2010 by isoldam
Mind If I Stay? by thehauntedpiano (Star Trek: AOS)
Summary: Kirk and Spock get into a habit of falling into bed together, just to cuddle, after dangerous missions. Kirk is perfectly content with the arrangement, while Spock is wondering WHY THERE IS NO SEX. Basically the entire story takes place in bed. Response to my own prompt on the kink meme. Star Trek 2009, Kirk/Spock.
rating:explicit  author:thehauntedpiano  words:1000-5000  fandom:startrek  character:kirk  description:bottom!kirk  character:spock  description:t'hy'la  pairing:kirk/spock  fandom:startrek:aos  genre:slash 
january 2010 by isoldam
FIC: Introvenient by jaylee_g (Star Trek: AOS)
Summary: "He is your T’hy’la,” he responds, and you feel your heart beat faster than it ever has. Star Trek 2009 Kirk/Spock.
rating:kids  author:jaylee_g  words:1000-5000  fandom:startrek  character:kirk  character:spock  description:t'hy'la  pairing:kirk/spock  fandom:startrek:aos  genre:slash 
december 2009 by isoldam

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author:corpus_invictus  author:jaylee_g  author:pepperlandgirl4  author:shaenie  author:shingo_the_pest  author:thehauntedpiano  author:werewolvesarereal  character:keven_riley  character:kirk!prime  character:kirk  character:mccoy  character:neal_caffrey  character:peter_burke  character:spock!prime  character:spock  character:t'pring  character:uhura  crossover  description:academyfic  description:angst  description:bonding  description:bottom!kirk  description:long  description:ponfarr  description:tarsusiv  fandom:startrek  fandom:startrek:aos  fandom:startrek:tos  fandom:whitecollar  fields  genre:slash  pairing:kirk!prime/spock!prime  pairing:kirk/spock  pairing:kirk/spockprime  pairing:peter/neal  pairing:spock/uhura  rating:explicit  rating:kids  rating:teen  title:blue  words:100.000+  words:1000-5000  words:20.000+  words:5000-10.000 

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