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The More They Stay the Same by TopazVulpix (Marvel Movie 'Verse - Thor)

What if when Odin fell into Odinsleep (AKA his cop-out for his horrible parenting) in the first Thor, Loki looked for some answers? When he delves into Odin's mind though, he learns many more dangerous and more terrifying secrets than he ever imagined possible...
wip  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  character:sif  character:warriors_three  character:avengers  description:canon-divergence  description:loki-doesn't-fall  description:good!loki  description:king!loki  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:topazvulpiz  title:the  more  they  stay  the  same 
april 2018 by isoldam
Throwing Stones 'Verse by Eternal_Love_Song (Marvel Cinematic Universe - The Avengers / Thor / X-Men - Norse Religion & Lore)
"Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones." Loki's life is a glass house. The walls are built of Odin's approval, his place in Asgard, his knowledge of himself, and his love for his family. The walls were cracked by the truth, but Odin's desire to use and control Loki made them come crashing down around him. This is how he builds a new house with something stronger than glass and stands up to blows that are tougher than mere stones.
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:odin  character:frigga  character:thor  character:amora  character:tony_stark  character:raven_darkholme  character:steve_rogers  character:natasha_romanov  character:clint_barton  description:good!loki  rating:mature  genre:gen  genre:slash  author:eternal_love_song 
february 2015 by isoldam
The Many Doors of Nu Heimar by nixajane (Thor / The Avengers - MCU 'Verse)
Summary: In the weeks before Thor's coronation, Loki almost dies, not once, but twice. (An AU in which events conspire to keep Loki from the choices he made in Thor, a war is on the horizon and the chosen battlefield is Earth, and the Avengers assemble with an extra teammate and one less villain to fight).
words:70.000+  fandom:mcu  fandom:thor  fandom:avengers  pairing:loki/steve  character:loki  character:steve_rogers  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  character:avengers  description:au  description:good!loki  rating:mature  genre:slash  author:nixajane 
february 2014 by isoldam
Life In Reverse by Lise (Thor / The Avengers - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
Summary: Home is where you make it. Or, the AU where Loki falls to Earth after Thor, wanders around trying to work out what to do with himself, and somehow ends up working for SHIELD. (Mostly because supervillains are so plebian.)
words:200.000+  fandom:mcu  fandom:avengers  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:phil_coulson  description:good!loki  description:sheild!loki  description:post-movie  description:canon-au  description:canon-divergence  genre:gen  rating:teen  author:lise 
august 2012 by isoldam

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