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Toward slow archives
"This article examines the structures, practices, and processes of collection, cataloging, and curation to expose where current cultural authority is placed, valued, and organized within archival workflows. The long arc of collecting is not just rooted in colonial paradigms; it relies on and continually remakes those structures of injustice through the seemingly benign practices and processes of the profession. Our emphasis is on one mode of decolonizing processes that insist on a different temporal framework: the slow archives. Slowing down creates a necessary space for emphasizing how knowledge is produced, circulated, and exchanged through a series of relationships. Slowing down is about focusing differently, listening carefully, and acting ethically. It opens the possibility of seeing the intricate web of relationships formed and forged through attention to collaborative curation processes that do not default to normative structures of attribution, access, or scale." [Shared by IG.]
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A4BLiP's Anti-Racist Description Resources.
The Anti-Racist Description Working Group of Archives for Black Lives in Philadelphia (A4BLiP) is pleased to announce the release of A4BLiP's Anti-Racist Description Resources. These resources are the result of two years of research, drafting, and review. They consist of metadata recommendations, an annotated bibliography, and an extensive bibliography, which aim to provide archivists with strategies and frameworks for creating anti-oppressive archival description, as well as for auditing repositories' existing description for anti-Black racism.
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What are companies looking for in a UX Writer? — bjoran identity
Useful: How employers describe #UX writers through their descriptions and wants in job announcements (2017). Read this to understand the role at different firms #uxwriting
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Descriptive Terminology for Works of Art on Paper (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
this is essentially becoming the Conservation industry standard in terms of describing media, particularly for works on paper.
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