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Alien Capital – Vast Abrupt
Unfortunately this is almost wholly unreadable. But the parts that I can understand involve the transition from money representing an evaluation of tradeable goods to money that represents evaluation of investable 'goods' --- a lot of betting on whose model of risk is the correct one.
money  metamoney  capitalism  pm  derivatives  phenomenology 
november 2018 by mathpunk
expo is the easiest way to margin trade cryptocurrency. Trade peer-to-peer with no fees today.
ethereum  erc20  tokens  derivatives  decentralized  trading  short  leverage  dydx  margin  dai  0x 
october 2018 by orlin
Introducing sETH, short Ethereum – Radar Relay – Medium
Over the last year many of our sophisticated users, especially automated traders, have asked us for advanced trading options such as derivatives to hedge portfolio risk and take short positions on…
decentralized  ethereum  trading  derivatives  0x  erc20  tokens  intro  dydx 
october 2018 by orlin

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