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Clive Marshall's Associate Distinction in Fine Art Photography
During several visits to the building, I was inspired greatly by the shadowy, empty areas and passageways that were lit only by hastily rigged safety lighting or by the daylight that filtered through broken blinds. It seemed to me that the building was like an abandoned subterranean city.
photography  light  coventry  urban  derelict 
september 2019 by terry
Lyric Cinema in Leeds, GB
Inside there was seating for around 950 in the stalls and circle. The interior was always considered rather plain, with few decorative features. The cinema had an uneventful life until the first closure occurred on 3rd January 1976. It reopened under new ownership on the 8th November of the same year, but this was short lived and the Lyric closed again on 30th May 1977.
leeds  cinemas  architecture  derelict  urban 
july 2018 by terry
Abandoned Leeds: 10 forgotten places in the 'Capital of the North'
The self-styled ‘capital of the North’, the post-industrial city of Leeds is the economic and cultural powerhouse of Yorkshire, England’s largest county. With one foot planted firmly in the future and another in its grand past, the city is both modern and ancient, switched on and relaxed; inhabited… and abandoned. We’ve previously introduced you to the haunting derelict places of other Northern legends like Newcastle, Sheffield and Manchester. This article documents 10 such urban wastelands and abandoned buildings within the beating heart of Leeds.
leeds  yorkshire  architecture  urban  derelict 
july 2018 by terry
9 haunting abandoned cinemas & picture houses of England
In our modern world of multiplexes, it can be easy to forget the grand cinemas of yore. Not so long ago, ornate picture houses stretched over every corner of England. Each one offered something more than a simple screen. It offered a unique viewing experience, a perfect way to while away a rainy afternoon by settling into another world. Today, many of those old picture houses stand in ruins, their projectors shut off for the final time.
derelict  architecture  urban  cinemas 
july 2018 by terry
Missed fortune: 15 closed and abandoned psychic shops
Psychic reader shops and palmist kiosks advertise the promise of a happier, more successful future yet somehow never foresee their own unfortunate demise. The old “botched prediction” conundrum compounds the sadness exuded by any abandoned shop, and closed psychic reader storefronts are about as sad as they get.
photography  derelict  shops  supernatural 
may 2018 by terry
Tackling decades of dereliction
regarding some seriously derelict houses on Connaught St in Phibsboro and the bureaucracy tomfoolery which has resulted in them not appearing on the Derelict Sites Register
derelict  dublin  phibsboro  houses  buildings  dcc 
april 2017 by jm

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