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Twitter Moments creation opens to influencers, brands, and soon, everyone | TechCrunch
Twitter’s curated tweet slideshow Moments has failed to move the user growth needle. But the sagging public company hopes to make itself accessible and indispensable by allowing more than just its in-house curators and partnered news publishers make Moments.

Today Twitter announced that “a broader group of creators will be making Moments, including influencers, partners, brands… and in the coming months, everyone.” It will start by featuring Moments from civil rights activist DeRay (seen below), Allure magazine, and the Budweiser brand.

Twitter’s aim may be to get users to promote their self-created Moments to their own networks, including people who don’t use it already. Harnessing the creativity of the masses could also spawn more viral hits. Some of the most memorable Moments have been crazy stories told in sprawling tweetstorms rather than predictable aggregations of news.

While Twitter is turning Moments into an open platform, it won’t be sharing ad revenue with new creators the way Tumblr is now starting to pay bloggers who host ads — at least not yet. However, the company is not ruling out the idea of revenue sharing if there are future opportunities.
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love this quote. all lives matter. so it's GOOD to focus on one specific group that has been targeted!
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RT : The Age of Self Serving Opportunistic Neoliberal Activism
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DeRay Mckesson Is Famous. Here's Why That Didn't Sway Baltimore Voters.
“He’s far better known outside of the city than he is with local voters,” Schmoke said. “About every voter that I’ve talked to about this kind of scratched their head about the national interest in the Mckesson campaign.”

When a Baltimore Sun reporter asked former Mayor Sheila Dixon about Mckesson, her initial response was telling. Dixon, who was running for her old job, said she had never heard of him. Some saw this as Dixon being out of touch, given Mckesson’s massive Twitter following and prominence in the media. Others, however, saw the real problem.

“To announce a campaign when folks don’t know [you] or know what you’ve done in their community makes your campaign kind of a long shot,” Schmoke said.
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