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I AM medicine bag for releasing /despair Crystal Vibrations
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2 days ago by randyhilarski
(9086) Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life - YouTube
see book make it stike re addiction "addictive schemes in their designs" ... its profit maximization in stealth. [...] "we are observed constantly"
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2 days ago by asterisk2a
Can psychedelics help prevent suicide? | Big Think
When asked for advice on how to achieve success, Anthony Bourdain said not to turn to the market. Instead, he continued, ask what you’re good at, what’s interesting to you. Look for what you appreciate about the work itself, not the reward.
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3 days ago by kogakure
Lawyers & Depression | Dave Nee Foundation
Depression among law students is 8-9% prior to matriculation, 27% after one semester, 34% after 2 semesters, and 40% after 3 years.

Stress among law students is 96%, compared to 70% in med students and 43% in graduate students.

Entering law school, law students have a psychological profile similar to that of the general public. After law school, 20-40% have a psychological dysfunction.

Lawyers are the most frequently depressed occupational group in the US.

Lawyers are 3.6 times more likely to suffer from depression than non-lawyers.

Lawyers rank 5th in incidence of suicide by occupation.
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4 days ago by jaltcoh

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