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[VincentMeoblinn] Derek comes home to find a mail order husband and two amused betas waiting for him. When he realizes their prank was far from harmless he ends up saddled with a husband who barely speaks English but insists Derek is the love of his life. He's also determined to win him over.
AU:Alive-Hale-Family  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  pairing:Derek/Stiles  alpha!Derek  angst  bottom!Derek  bottom!Stiles  depressed!Derek  depressed!Stiles  kink:breeding  kink:D/s  kink:exhibitionism  kink:knotting  kink:voyeurism  mpreg!Stiles  Polish!Stiles  protective!Sheriff-Stilinski  protective!Talia  werewolf!Sheriff  werewolf!Stiles  trope:arranged-marriage  trope:language-barrier  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:25K-50K 
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Wood and Nails
”The five stages of grief,” Stiles nods and sighs. They've both seen it, been through it. Heard them repeated by therapist after therapist. Stiles doesn't say anything, but they both know which one Derek's slipped into by now.


When things calm down in Beacon Hills, all the things Derek hasn't dealt with come back with a vengeance. Stiles does his best to help him.
derek/stiles  depressed!derek  grief  ptsd  panicattack  abused!derek  hurt/comfort  OMGAMAZING  this-fic-makes-me-feel-emotions  thisonemademecry 
july 2017 by twilight_eyes9210
Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves)
[MellytheHun] Or otherwise known as "Derek Goes to the Doctor," wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  pairing:Derek/Stiles  angst  bottom!Stiles  depressed!Derek  hurt!Derek  hurt!Stiles  protective!Derek  protective!Stiles  PTSD!Derek  PTSD!Stiles  recovery!fic  romantic  suicidal!Derek  trope:friends-to-lovers  tw:self-harm  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:50K-75K 
march 2017 by casey679
As the Lights Go Down
[standinginanicedress] Stiles is standing there looking bizarre – which maybe isn't a very nice thing or even a convincing thing to say about a person that Derek's basically invited over to hook up with (whatever that even fucking means to kids these days) – but he...does. He's wearing dark jeans, a black hoodie with the hood pulled up so Derek can't even really see his face aside from his mouth and jawline, and he's got that metal baseball bat in his fingers again. He looks like he's come here to literally beat Derek to death. Then, he grins, lifts one shoulder up in a half shrug, and says, "I can't come in until you invite me." Derek is mystified enough that all he can say is, "really?" He thought that was a vampire thing. (fic was deleted; link goes to PDF)
AU:Magic  pairing:Derek/Stiles  alpha!Lydia  angst  BAMF!Stiles  bottom!Stiles  depressed!Derek  divorced!Derek  hurt!Derek  hurt!Stiles  powers!Stiles  romantic  spark!Stiles  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:50K-75K  !deleted  !PDF 
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My Heart's Been Offline
[thepsychicclam] 31/M/New York. Rich, lays in bed all day, likes to read (aka Derek Hale, son of an Oscar winning actress, brother of one obnoxious reality star and one rebellious fashion designer, hates the paparazzi so much he's a recluse) / 26/M/California. Boring office job, likes to read (aka Stiles Stilinski, co-owner of a 100 acre organic farm with his dad and two best friends, writer of obits for a newspaper, has absolutely no life) / Or, where Derek and Stiles meet online, and Stiles has no clue Derek's part of a famous family.
AU:Ranch-&-Farm  AU:Reality-TV  pairing:Derek/Stiles  pairing:Danny/Stiles  pairing:Scott/Lydia  angst  bottom!Derek  bottom!Stiles  depressed!Derek  farmer!Stiles  kink:phone-sex  rich!Derek  romantic  TV-star!Laura  writer!Stiles  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:50K-75K 
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What I Did On My Summer Vacation
There's something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can't quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life. There's something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  pairing:Derek/Stiles  angst  depressed!Derek  feral!Derek  hurt!Derek  hurt!Stiles  kidnapped!Stiles  powers!Stiles  protective!Derek  protective!Laura  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:100K+ 
november 2016 by casey679
Your Heart is an Empty Room
It's 2045 and though the world is a much different place, humans aren't. They still experience happiness, anger, grief- continue to deal with it in strange and personal ways. Derek is one such human. Thing is, this world doesn't just belong to them anymore. With the invention of androids, there's a thousand and one new ways to see and live through it all. With built in curiosity, a need to please, and different methods of understanding, they too are just trying to figure it all out. Stiles is one such android. Unable to make it on their own, they try and parse out an existence together- haltingly, violently, unsure, but together.
human!au  depressed!derek  robot!stiles  flangst  fluff  hurt/comfort  derek/stiles  domestic  future!fic  au  teenwolf 
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