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Home — IIIF | International Image Interoperability Framework
Set of APIs for making the e repositories interoperable and accessible.
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february 2015 by mjlassila
Photo by dericed • Instagram
Oooo. I could use one of these in the archive. @ Manhattan Detention Complex
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september 2012 by dericed
Fancy - The Depository Studio @ London
The Depository Studio @ London, June 07, 2012 at 12:19AM, from Fancy / mrsupercool
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june 2012 by designmakecreate
FDLP Desktop
Web site for Federal depository libraries and librarians.
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may 2011 by mommybird
Thursday Threads: RDF, Digital Document Tampering, and Amazon's Mechanical Turk
Enter your email address to receive DLTJ Thursday Threads:Delivered by FeedBurnerThis is definitely becoming a habit...welcome to the fourth edition of DLTJ's Thursday Threads. If you find these interesting and useful, you might want to add the Thursday T
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october 2010 by dltj
Rotting textbook warehouse in Detroit - Boing Boing
*sigh* the best thing Detroit has going for it is its ability to showcase as a post-apocalyptic preview
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january 2008 by sstrudeau
Unopened Books
This city's school district is so impoverished that students are not allowed to take their textbooks home to do homework, and many of its administrators are so corrupt that every few months the newspapers have a field day with their scandals, sweetheart-d
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january 2008 by petrichor
The collective print collection (Lorcan Dempsey's blog)
Lorcan points to a new report on shared storage facilities. "Mass digitization, the opportunity costs of using valuable central space for storage, and the changing behaviors of researchers and learners are all contributing to a reevaluation"
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november 2007 by awhitis

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