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Immigration to the UK may rise or fall but our laws are still barbaric | Kenan Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
The question I would ask of politicians is not: “Should immigration levels go up or down?”, but: “Do you think that the deaths of the 39 frozen migrants, the detention of tens of thousands held in the most degrading of conditions, the deportation of people to persecution and death, the denial of rights to its own citizens, is a price worth paying for Britain’s immigration policy?”
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'A dizzying maze': how the UK immigration system is geared to reject | UK news | The Guardian
We like to tell ourselves a very particular version of the UK’s past – one in which we have held the door open to people fleeing conflict and persecution, and welcomed others from all over the world. Whenever the brutal realities of this country’s asylum system make newspaper headlines, the Home Office response almost always includes some variation of “The UK has a proud history of granting asylum to those who need it.” But while there are tales of a warm reception for some, and people have made a life for themselves in this country, there are at least as many – if not more – stories of doors slammed shut in people’s faces and faceless walls of bureaucracy confronting those who arrive. This has been the case for decades.
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In area beset by violence and deportations, Chicago opens a mental health clinic for infants and toddlers (Chalkbeat, 9/10/2019)
Erickson Institute will open a mental health clinic for infants and toddlers in a Chicago neighborhood beset by violence and deportations.
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9 weeks ago by davidkoren
Iraq: Camps Expel Over 2,000 People Seen As ISIS-Linked
Authorities in Salah al-Din have also announced plans to close camps for displaced people or are already forcing people to return to their governorates of origin.

In early July, the National Security Council, which coordinates Iraq's national security, intelligence, and foreign policy strategy, passed “Resolution 16.” The resolution is not public, but officials have described its contents in letters to humanitarian organizations. It orders people from areas other than Nineveh – currently at least 38,040 people – to leave the Nineveh camps. It mandates security forces to develop a database of residents and isolate families who are perceived as ISIS-affiliated. The resolution also calls for increased security to keep people from entering or leaving camps without permission and assigning more police to the camps, to “control” people’s movement and to “assess and audit” the work of nongovernmental organizations who work in the camps.

In response, the authorities began screenings across the Nineveh camps. On August 21, Migration and Displacement Ministry officials informed aid workers at the two camps in Nineveh where screenings had been completed that they intended to expel everyone there from other governorates, starting with those from Anbar governorate, two aid workers said. Anbar is a former ISIS stronghold.
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10 weeks ago by elizrael
Grandma’s High Again. 🙄 on Twitter: ""The husband of one of my housekeepers (who has a new baby) was deported...
"The husband of one of my housekeepers (who has a new baby) was deported. He was 33 and had been in America since he was 5. He knew no one in Mexico. His whole family is here. This week he hung himself in Tijuana"
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11 weeks ago by coslinks
If you’re reading this and you’re... - Unai Montes-Irueste | Facebook
If you’re reading this and you’re thinking that the ICE raid in Mississippi was justified because the 680 men and women apprehended are undocumented, and...
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august 2019 by jeremydgreat
The Mexican Repatriation - YouTube vlog brothers
n which John discusses The Mexican Repatriation of the 1930s, a story from U.S. History he learned about only recently. SOURCES:

The most comprehensive history of this period I found is a book called Decade of Betrayal by Francisco E. Balderrama and Raymond Rodriguez. It was there I first learned the story of Jose Lopez.

The wikipedia article about The Repatriation of the Great Depression-era is quite good:

The 2017 paper that found the deportations either has no impact on U.S. unemployment or else made it slightly worse:
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august 2019 by Quercki

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