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Velocity 09: John Allspaw and Paul Hammond, "10+ Deploys Pe - YouTube
Velocity 09: John Allspaw and Paul Hammond, "10+ Deploys Per Day
Velocity  09  John  Allspaw  Paul  Hammond  10  ten  Deploys  Per  day 
december 2017 by theskett
The Push Train
Excellent preso from Dan McKinley on the Etsy-based continuous delivery model, and what he learned trying to apply it after Etsy:
It’s notable that almost all of the hard things we dealt with were social problems. Some of these solutions involved writing code, but the hard part was the human organization. The hard parts in were maintaining a sense of community ownership over the state of the whole system.
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may 2017 by jm
Dell deploys proof-of-concept ARM server to Singapore
Server uses X-Gene 64-bit ARM SoC and is currently undergoing testing with customers. Dell announced Wednesday it had deployed its first proof-of-concept ARM based server for customer testing in Singapore and Texas. ARM-based servers are set to become all the rage in 2014, with a number of industry players looking to disrupt the x86 server [...]

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Dell  deploys  proof-of-concept  ARM  server  to  Singapore 
february 2014 by vrzone
SK Telecom deploys first publicly available LTE-Advanced network - VR-Zone
SK Telecom has unleashed the first publicly available LTE-Advanced network to residents of South Korea, but the problem is not many devices currently support the latest LTE speeds. By combining two 10MHz component carriers, and thereby producing an effective bandwidth of 20MHz, SK Telecom’s LTE-Advanced network now boasts speeds of up to 150Mbps.  The telecom [...]

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SK  Telecom  deploys  first  publicly  available  LTE-Advanced  network 
june 2013 by vrzone

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