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Deploy code faster: with CI/CD and Kubernetes
Great introductory comic, with only a little bit of marketing
cartoon  comic  explanation  google  kubernetes  devops  deployment  marketing 
3 days ago by garrettc
Gigalixir - Free Elixir App Deployment
Elixir's Platform as a Service. Don't let your platform hold you back. All of Elixir. Want distributed clustering, hot upgrades, remote console, production observer, and more? We make it easy. No Limits. Want GenServer state or real-time Phoenix channels? We don't do daily restarts, limit connections, or restrict SSH access. Save Money. You don't need Redis anymore! Stop paying extra for migrations, cron jobs, workers, consoles, stats, or TLS.
business  deployment  elixir  paas  erlang  heroku  phoenix 
3 days ago by dlkinney
MagerValp/AutoDMG: Create deployable system images from OS X installer
The award winning AutoDMG takes a macOS installer (10.10 or newer) and builds a system image suitable for deployment with Imagr, DeployStudio, LANrev, Jamf Pro, and other asr-based imaging tools.
apple  osx  software  deployment  jamf  dmg 
4 days ago by mbraly
Demystify Office 2016 for Mac · clburlison
Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac had a rough start for sure. With that being said things have gotten better and quite rapidly. This post will focus on where Office 2016 for Mac currently stands, commonly asked questions, best practices, and solutions for updates.
mac  osx  office  deployment  admin  microsoft  jamf 
4 days ago by mbraly
Triton Compute | Joyent
new docker based compute and deployment tooling from joyent
joyent  platform  docker  containers  cloud  distribution  deployment  aws 
4 days ago by mgan

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