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Gospel of John - Wikipedia
According to the Synoptics, the arrest of Jesus was a reaction to the cleansing of the temple, while according to John it was triggered by the raising of Lazarus.[50] The Pharisees, portrayed as more uniformly legalistic and opposed to Jesus in the synoptic gospels, are instead portrayed as sharply divided; they debate frequently in John's accounts. Some, such as Nicodemus, even go so far as to be at least partially sympathetic to Jesus. This is believed to be a more accurate historical depiction of the Pharisees, who made debate one of the tenets of their system of belief.[64]
Gospel  of  John  historical  accuracy  depiction  Pharisees  Jewish  opinion  reaction  debate 
17 days ago by Michael.Massing
bell hooks and Arthur Jafa Discuss Transgression in Public Spaces at The New School - YouTube
"An open conversation hosted by Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts ( between bell hooks and Arthur Jafa.

bell hooks (née Gloria Watkins) is among the leading public intellectuals of her generation. Her writings cover a broad range of topics including gender, race, teaching, and contemporary culture. This fall marks the 20th Anniversary of the publication of Teaching to Transgress: Education as a Practice of Freedom, Dr. hooks’ seminal book on educational practices. This week long residency is an opportunity for The New School community to directly engage with Dr. hooks and her commitment to education and learning as a place “where paradise can be created”

For more information on the bell hooks residency | "
bellhooks  arthurjafa  blackness  publicspace  film  2014  decolonization  culture  history  depiction  gaze  imagery  instagram  tumblr 
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Richard Sennett on Art and Craft - YouTube
Richard Sennett was himelf a chellist; Craftsmen photographed look nothing like victims, but have a quiet serenity - vs. "victim story"; dignity and self-confidence rather than oppression of workers; for Sennett "a matter of time"; Diderots Encyclopedia
richardsennett  craftsman  craft  politics  depiction  oppression  dignity  enlightenment  diderot 
april 2015 by gohai
Purported Moto 360 sequel gets shady full circle depiction
Quite clearly a concept image or promotional illustration of sorts rather than a live pic, this flaunts a superlative possible second-gen Moto 360 design. While Samsung employed a trial and error strategy for its first few… dozens of wearable devices, still struggling to get all the engineering and functionality details just right, it’s safe to...

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Purported  Moto  360  sequel  gets  shady  full  circle  depiction 
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AU - AUS | AUSTRALIA NEWS - #Transparent #Transparent #Review: #Transparent #shows #authentic #depiction #of #current #LGBTQ #cul… #
#Transparent #Transparent #Review: #Transparent #shows #authentic #depiction #of #current #LGBTQ #cul……

— Gi Ma (@gima2327) January 30, 2015
IFTTT  Twitter  Review  depiction  of  LGBTQ  Transparent  current  authentic  shows 
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