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benedekfazekas/morpheus: Generate dependency graphs for variables in Clojure(Script) namespaces
Generate dependency graphs for variables in Clojure(Script) namespaces - benedekfazekas/morpheus
clojure  dependency  graph  visualization  namespaces 
5 days ago by fmjrey
RIP Pipenv: Tried Too Hard. Do what you need with pip-tools.
Pipenv is dead. It went all of 2019 without a single release, despite about 650 commits to master since the last release. Comments from developers on the project explain it “has been held back by…
python  dependency 
21 days ago by beanish
Circular Dependencies in Dependency Injection - Software Ascending - Medium
A description of how we solved a circular dependency in our dependency injection, and some of the software principles involved.
Circular  Dependencies  Dependency  Injection 
25 days ago by dhinojosa
awilix - npm
Extremely powerful Dependency Injection (DI) container for JavaScript/Node, written in TypeScript. Make IoC great again!
dependency  dependency_injection  javascript  TypeScript 
4 weeks ago by the_karel

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