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What could possibly go wrong?
In this series of articles I aim to explain dependency injection in simple terms. I’ll try to convince you that dependency injection will help you manage complex applications. With working examples I’ll show you how to use dependency injection with Unity.

In this first part to the series I explain dependency injection and its benefits.
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yesterday by k7n4n5t3w4rt
Izumi Project
Izumi is a set of independent libraries and frameworks allowing you to significantly increase productivity of your Scala development.
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4 weeks ago by bkittelmann
Dependency injection is dynamic scoping in disguise | Dynamic Stability
As the title says, this explains lexical and dynamic scoping quite well then argues that dependency injection is basically just dynamic scoping. Quite well written.
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6 weeks ago by mcherm
Three Techniques for Inverting Control, in Python · David Seddon
Inversion of Control, in which code delegates control using plugins, is a powerful way of modularising software. It may sound complicated, but it can be achieved in Python with very little work. Let's examine three different techniques for doing this.
python  architecture  factoring  inversion-of-control  dependency-injection  itp 
august 2019 by gdw

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