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Distributed Systems Reading List
Research, academic papers, essential blog posts, books and other content related to the Riak open source database and other distributed systems. By Shanley of Basho
programming  dynamo  distributed-computing  cloud  dependable  architecture  database  CAP 
february 2013 by IainHull
Coding Horror: Working with the Chaos Monkey
if using Amazon S3, EC2, AWS etc.. Chaos Monkey is your friendly monster
amazon  chaos  monkey  testing  dependable  from delicious
may 2011 by xer0x
Dependable Software by Design : Science & Technology at Scientific
Computers fly our airliners and run most of the world's banking, communications, retail and manufacturing systems. Now powerful analysis tools will at last help software engineers ensure the reliability of their designs
softwaredesign  programming  dependable  work 
august 2006 by amrox

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