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tell me about the big bang
This is FN-2187’s earliest memory:

He is curled up in his bunk. He does not know it at the time, but fifteen, sixteen, seventeen years later, he will still be assigned the same bunk, whenever he’s on the Star Destroyer; he will sleep on the same thin, firm mattress, which smells like the harsh chemical wash they use to get blood and sweat and worse out, and he will stare at the same view he’s been staring at for his entire life: hundreds of identical bunks, hundreds of Troopers, some sleeping, most wide awake, shifting restlessly, trying to find a position that doesn’t hurt their aching muscles.

He is curled up in his bunk. He is four, maybe five years old. He does not remember what happened directly before this, as if he came into existence on his bunk, halfway through the night. He is staring straight ahead, at the metal frame of FN-2936’s bunk. FN-2936 herself is sleeping, or at least faking it well. Even at four years old, FN-2187 knows the signs of faking sleep: silent, suppressed breaths, unnatural stillness, closed mouth.

Whenever Captain Wern comes round to check on them, every single Trooper fakes sleep.

This is his earliest memory. Curled up in a ball. Skinny arms wrapped around knobby knees. The quiet. The half-dark, the odd greenish glow of the overheads. The thin, firm mattress. FN-2936, whose arm is dangling over the side of her bunk, fingertips brushing the floor. The fear in his stomach, because Captain Wern will come round soon, and his boots and cloak make awful dragging noises, like a monster scraping its belly across the floor.

FN-2187 thinks, I want to go home, even though he doesn’t really know what home means. He once heard an older Trooper mention a home planet, so all FN-2187 knows of home is: not here. 

I want to go home, he thinks, even though he knows, at four years old, that there’s no point wanting impossible things.
fic  slash  The_Force_Awakens  Finn/Poe  oh_my_heart  pining  angst  dense_boy(s)  [not-rated]  wc:35_000-40_000  a:thebrotherswinchester 
february 2016 by adelate
my wings a hurricane
Stiles had been like any other kid growing up in the era of dragons. He'd watched the cartoons, the news stories, had the lunch box. When his screening at Beacon Hills High had come up negative, he'd been disappointed but unsurprised. His positive results were returned three years too late for it to be in any way convenient or cool, but Stiles had still been hanging on to the hope that in some, still to be discovered way, he was special and for just a moment, it had seemed like that was true.

Except he'd attended three hatchings and hadn't sparked with a single dragon.
fic  slash  Teen_Wolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  dragons  Allison/Scott  Erica_Reyes  Isaac_Lahey  Vernon_Boyd  Lydia_Martin  Alan_Deaton  Kira_Yukimura  Chris_Argent  Sheriff_Stilinski  Melissa_McCall  dense_boy(s)  adorable  wc:20_000-25_000  [PG-13]  a:kellifer_fic 
january 2015 by adelate
The Well of Living Waters
[King Derek takes a consort.]


"I propose a formal marriage alliance to bond our two kingdoms together in kinship," King Stilinski said, well-rehearsed. He indicated Stiles, standing next to him. "I offer to you the hand of my son, crown prince of my kingdom, heir to all my land and holdings. Any child of his body shall stand to inherit your kingdom and mine, and join them in personal union."

Stiles tried to look regal, yet fertile.
fic  slash  Teen_Wolf  AU  Derek/Stiles  mpreg  royalty  arranged_marriage  dense_boy(s)  Peter_Hale  Scott_McCall  Allison_Argent  Lydia_Martin  Kate_Argent  Chris_Argent  Sheriff_Stilinski  Vernon_Boyd  Erica_Reyes  Isaac_Lahey  Alan_Deaton  Gerard_Argent  wc:30_000-35_000  [NC-17]  a:kalpurna 
december 2013 by adelate
Show Me The Way Back Home Baby
[In which Lydia and Jackson produce the world's cutest baby, and the pack goes crazy-- the good kind of crazy. Except for Derek, who is afraid of tiny cute babies and Stiles who plans to be the best Uncle ever. Even if Danny called dibs on Godfather.]


"So, what do they say?"

Stiles swallows, double checks the packaging and then shoots what he hopes is a comforting smile at his friend. "Uh, pregnant."

"All of them?"

"Yup, even the one you uh, kind of missed the target on?"

"Well," Lydia says sitting back, leaning her head against the tiles of the bathroom, "there you go." She nods to herself for a second before sticking out her hand in a silent demand for Stiles to help her up. "Pregnant. I'm pregnant."
fic  slash  het  Teen_Wolf  Derek/Stiles  Jackson/Lydia  Danny/Isaac  Allison/Scott  Erica_Reyes  Vernon_Boyd  Sheriff_Stilinski  adorable  pack  dense_boy(s)  wc:10_000-15_000  [not-rated]  a:stilinskisparkles 
november 2013 by adelate
Aversion Therapy
It had seemed like a good idea at the time. Though if Stiles had had more than a second to think about it, he probably would have remembered that his spur of the moment ideas weren't always his best ones. That sometimes, in fact, they went spectacularly wrong.

But he doesn't have a lot of choice right now, the rest of the pack is a mess. Isaac's slumped against the side of the trashed movie theater, still trying to heal whatever getting smashed into the wall had done to him. Erica's not moving, Boyd looks dead on his feet, and Derek is about to get gutted by something that looks like a giant gorilla which had stolen the claws and teeth from the entire rest of the animal kingdom.

The only weapon Stiles has is roughly two tons of steel, which he's currently in control of. So he makes a judgment call, and hits the gas.

"Stiles, what are you doing?" Scott's voice is high, and scrambling closer, as if he can't believe even Stiles would be this crazy. There's a 'what the hell,' and more than a little 'are you insane,' crammed in there somewhere too. But Stiles is pretty much committed at this point. Scott grabs, hastily and blindly, for something to hold on to, and then swears. Which is how Stiles knows that this is bad, because Scott never swears. Stiles doesn't really blame him though, because he knows a thing or two about physics and the relative mass and speed of objects colliding.

He thinks this is probably going to hurt.
fic  slash  Teen_Wolf  Derek/Stiles  Scott_McCall  Erica_Reyes  Vernon_Boyd  Isaac_Lahey  dense_boy(s)  h/c  hot_like_burning  wc:10_000-15_000  [NC-17]  a:entanglednow  a:entangled_now 
september 2013 by adelate
Stiles is no stranger to coming back at one in the morning covered in bruises and dubious substances, trailing the smell of dead bodies and bad decisions. He accepted all of that once Scott turned into a werewolf. Scott, being a werewolf, doesn't have to worry about bruises, though there is the occasional surprise evisceration that can still put a crimp in his day. Allison comes from a family of hunters. Jackson's recent history is a whole mess of mental trauma and horrible injuries (a few of which they'd given to him.) Even Lydia has had her fair share of last-minute escapes from open graves and angry werewolves. She'd yelled at Scott for twenty minutes just last week when the strap had broken on one of her favourite shoes. The sprained wrist she hadn't care about. The shoes, she had protested, couldn't be bandaged.

But this is just wrong. This is wrong in some sort of important way.

Danny's sitting at Stiles's desk, one hand still balanced on his laptop (which had miraculously survived intact after having been used as an impromptu werewolf-battering device.) He looks tired and muddy, and every so often he'll touch his fingers carefully to the edge of his eye socket, which is already colouring. Danny is bruised. Their werewolf drama has officially bruised Danny. This is the worst day ever.
fic  slash  Teen_Wolf  Derek/Stiles  Danny_Mahealani  hot_like_burning  voyeurism  dense_boy(s)  wc:05_000-10_000  [NC-17]  a:entanglednow  a:entangled_now 
september 2013 by adelate
Fireman Derek's Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby]
Originally, Stiles goes for the cheeseburgers.

His roommate Scott, born and raised in Astoria and therefore the slightly-more-city-savvy of the two, recommends the place when Stiles wakes up hungover as death and craving his favorite cure-all remedy of grease on grease on grease. It's a hole-in-the-wall burger joint that, in retrospect, Stiles has already passed by several times in his three weeks in the city. He never so much as glanced in the window before, but it does finally solve the mystery of where that heavenly smell came from (he knew it wasn't from Five Guys. Knew it).


The door's propped open, the muggy September morning still hot enough to beg for a cool, non-existent breeze off the humid city streets, and Stiles is greeted by a friendly but undoubtedly judge-y voice. 

"Yo," he nods, because being hungover and awake before noon is still a new enough concept to him that one syllable is the best he can really do right now. "You open?"

"Technically," the woman says back. "As of about ten minutes ago."
fic  slash  Teen_Wolf  AU  Derek/Stiles  Laura  Hale  Scott_McCall  Allison_Argent  Jackson_Whittemore  Lydia_Martin  Danny_Mahealani  Isaac_Lahey  Erica_Reyes  Sheriff_Stilinski  Talia_Hale  dense_boy(s)  college!fic  firemen  baking  h/c  burgers  [not-rated]  wc:15_000-20_000  a:owlpostagain 
august 2013 by adelate
All I Want For Christmas (Is You)
"Happy Christmas, baby brother."

Arthur doesn't bother to look up from the stack of papers in front of him, frowning at the mess of notes from his father that mostly add up to a giant Fix this now or I am placing the blame squarely on your shoulders. "In case you've forgotten, Morgana, Christmas is still three weeks away."

"I know," Morgana says breezily, sliding into the plush chair on the other side of Arthur's desk. "But that doesn't mean the festivities haven't already started." She pauses, raising an eyebrow. "Or have you forgotten?"

"Forgotten that our father has completely and utterly lost his mind?" Arthur asks, finally glancing up at her. "No, actually."

"Oh, come on, Arthur. It's not that bad," she says, eyes sparkling with sudden mischief. "You've done Secret Santa exchanges before. And who knows? You might get a certain somebody; this could be the perfect opportunity to show him how you truly feel."
fic  slash  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  AU  Christmas  Leon/Morgana  Elena/Gwaine  Uther_Pendragon  puppy  secret_santa  modern_day  Hunith  adorable  dense_boy(s)  wc:15_000-20_000  [NC-17]  a:dreamdustmama 
april 2013 by adelate
A Tale of Two Cities (or, alternatively, how Bradley James got a Clue)
It's all Angel's fault. Of that Bradley is certain. If she had fallen for his charms the way he had intended when they first met, then he wouldn't be stuck here with Colin's hair tickling his neck and his arm going numb from Colin's body pressing against it. He wouldn't be trying to have his gay-freakout/epiphany-whatever quietly without waking Colin up, because then Colin would blush, perhaps mumble an apology, then leave. And Bradley would miss the little puffs of air against his skin, a constant reminder of the proximity of Colin's mouth.

It is torture – sweet delicious torture – and Bradley suspects it's feelings like this that make him a little gay; just a little, mind, because this so isn't what he had in mind, when telling his mates back home about the months of filming in close proximity to his very hot cast-mates. Which takes us back to it all being Angel's fault.
fic  slash  Merlin_RPS  Bradley/Colin  dense_boy(s)  Paris  adorable  wc:01_000-05_000  [not-rated]  a:kuteki 
november 2012 by adelate
On The Record
Tony vs the tabloids is an ongoing battle. These headlines might be the winning shot.
fic  slash  The_Avengers  Steve/Tony  adorable  domestic  Pepper_Potts  Peter_Parker  Janet_Van_Dyne  Ororo_Munroe  wc:01_000-05_000  dense_boy(s)  [G]  a:valtyr 
june 2012 by adelate
Team Building Activities
Fury's a beautiful princess. Clint's plotting a Communist revolution. Rhodey's not sexy. Wall-E's not a documentary. Clint's not gay but he does give a great blowjob. This fic is not an AU.
fic  slash  het  The_Avengers  Steve/Tony  Pepper/Tony  Natasha_Romanova  Clint_Barton  Bruce_Banner  Nick_Fury  dense_boy(s)  wc:35_000-40_000  [R]  a:valtyr 
may 2012 by adelate
Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please, Part 2: An Epiphany is Just a Fancy Way of Realising You’re an Idiot
John had slept in Sherlock’s bed for 101 nights now. He’d been counting. Not necessarily consciously, not necessary for any purpose, but every night was somehow automatically notched onto his brain as to not make him forget. One hundred and one. If nights were Dalmatians he could’ve made a nice dotty coat, which is as useless a metaphor as the counting was in the first place but he’d run around with the number in his head all day wondering if this was the beginning of some sort of obsession.

He’d even made a blog post about it, a single entry with a single line stating ‘101’ which had earned only a comment from Harry containing no more than a lone quotation mark. Sherlock had seen it and Sherlock had caught the reference, smugly so, informing him of this over his microscope, which was intensely bothersome to John because it meant that Sherlock had been counting too and then what was that supposed to mean?
fic  slash  BBC_Sherlock  Sherlock  John/Sherlock  Two_Coffees_One_Black_One_With_Sugar_Please  dense_boy(s)  adorable  wc:05_000-10_000  [not-rated]  a:Linpatootie 
may 2012 by adelate
Rituals of Life and Love
"I'm going to die an old maid!" Adam cries, blowing his nose loudly.

It's not like Kris' best friend is melodramatic or anything.

Kris pushes a couple of throw pillows off the couch and worms his way into Adam's nest. Adam likes to be warm when he's sad. Huge cardigans, fluffy comforters, and many, many pillows accompany every breakup. When he's angry, on the other hand, he starts taking clothes off and ordering cold drinks, just to fish out the ice cubes and rub them all over his face and neck.
fic  slash  AI_RPS  Adam/Kris  AU  dense_boy(s)  pining  Adam/OMC  wc:01_000-05_000  [not-rated]  a:jerakeen 
april 2012 by adelate
Forever Can Never Be Long Enough, Or The Earl Of Epsom Takes A Husband
Regency AU. When Andrew Garfield, the new Earl of Epsom, returns from the Peninsula War to find his ancestral home mortgaged to the hilt, he must marry Jesse Eisenberg, his parents’ mysterious ward, in order to save his family from ruin.
fic  slash  TSN_RPS  Andrew/Jesse  AU  regency  angst  pining  dense_boy(s)  Benedict_Cumberbatch/Tom_Hardy  Arthur_Darvill/Karen_Gillan/Matt_Smith  Hallie_Kate_Eisenberg/Justin_Timberlake  Joe_Mazzello  Emma_Stone  awesome  wc:60_000-65_000  [NC-17]  a:torakowalski 
february 2012 by adelate
Unconventional Decor
"Well," John says a few minutes later, "I'm off to sleep in my own bed." And he rolls and plants his feet on the floor, pausing a moment to ruffle one hand through his hair. He looks over his shoulder at Sherlock, who's still sprawled half on top of the duvet. "You don't mind, do you?"

Sherlock arranges his expression into one of blank indifference. "Of course not. Why would I mind?"
fic  slash  Sherlock  John/Sherlock  established_relationship  dense_boy(s)  [not-rated]  wc:01_000-05_000  a:coloredink  BBC_Sherlock 
january 2012 by adelate
Dazed and Clueless
Kris arrives at the Lambert residence at 7 AM sharp. A surly looking Neil answers the door.

"Oh, good," Neil says, face impassive. "Maybe you can wake him up. He's gonna be late again if he doesn't get going soon."

Neil turns on his heels and walks into the kitchen, leaving Kris alone in the doorway. Kris doesn't blame him; something smells delicious in there.

"Kris, is that you, honey?" Mrs. Lambert calls, her voice pleasant and welcoming as always.

Kris kicks off his shoes and shuts the door. "Yes, Mrs. Lambert. I'm going to go check on Adam."
fic  slash  AU  AI_RPS  Adam/Kris  high_school  socute  Brad_Bell  Neil  Cale_Mills  dense_boy(s)  pining  Tommy_Joe_Ratliff  David_Cook  Leila_Lambert  Matt_Giraud  Katy_Allen  [not-rated]  wc:10_000-15_000  a:jerakeen 
november 2011 by adelate
I Got Places You Can Lay Your Head, Part 2/2
He dials her number with shaking fingers, glaring venomously at the few stray publicist and assistant people still milling around his room. They all vanish rather quickly when he starts to shout.
fic  slash  AI_RPS  Adam/Kris  awesome  Europe  dense_boy(s)  hot_like_burning  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  [NC-17]  a:moirariordan 
november 2010 by adelate
I Got Places You Can Lay Your Head, Part 1/2
Kris books a plane for Valencia, Spain with Cale’s credit card, holed up in his spare room, avoiding the radio, television and any website besides Expedia and Travelocity. There’s nothing special about Valencia, really, other than the fact he’s never been, and it’s cheaper than Sydney.
fic  slash  AI_RPS  Adam/Kris  awesome  Europe  dense_boy(s)  hot_like_burning  wc:15_000-20_000  wc:15_000-20_000  [NC-17]  a:moirariordan 
november 2010 by adelate
Physician, Heal Thyself
"Drew Serkilt," Kris calls, holding the phone receiver upside down and speaking into the mouthpiece. He'll never get used to his voice over that PA, seriously. He always sounds like a different person. "Drew Serkilt, exam room twelve."
fic  slash  AI_RPS  AU  Adam/Kris  awesome  doctors  nurses  dense_boy(s)  Brad_Bell  Katy_Allen  adorable  [NC-17]  wc:05_000-10_000  wc:05_000-10_000  a:mybestexcuse 
november 2010 by adelate

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