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Why Obama decided against Syria bombing - Business Insider, Jan 7, 2016
From Politico: 

In fact, the moment that will likely define McDonough’s tenure took place during just such a walk, in August 2013, when Obama was debating airstrikes on Syria in response to President Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons against civilians. Most observers expected him to launch the strikes—until he came back from the walk, that is.

Then, Obama surprised nearly everyone by deciding to force a vote in Congress on whether to do so, effectively putting the military action on hold.

According to Thrush, neither Secretary of State John Kerry nor then-Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel were consulted before Obama made his decision to delay military action in Syria. US National Security Adviser Susan Rice was also kept out of the loop.

Even if Obama owned the policy, he and McDonough were "philosophically in tune" in a way that Obama and Hagel were not — which was useful when Obama needed someone to execute his vision for the Middle East.

"Both men were allergic to military intervention," Thrush wrote. "And McDonough was an enthusiastic executor of Obama’s plan for running foreign policy: concentrating as much decision-making power in the West Wing national security staff as possible, at the expense of the harder-to-control Defense and State departments."
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