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Thorongil by eledhwen
Aragorn's journeys under the name 'Thorongil'; from Rivendell to Minas Tirith via Rohan.
aragorn  aragorn/arwen  denethor  30-40K 
6 weeks ago by elftrash
Clarity of Vision by mithen
In a Middle-Earth where Erebor never fell, a shadow remains in the heart of the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo Baggins finds himself drawn reluctantly into a quest that will lead him across the continent--from Bree to Lake Evendim to the icy North and beyond--with a party of five dwarves searching for an artifact that will cure the ailing King Thrór.

First fic is fine, sequel is much better. Entwives!
thorin/bilbo  200+K  thorin  bilbo  arwen  galadriel  aragorn  denethor  theoden  dis  legolas  gimli 
january 2019 by elftrash
Víressë by dawn felagund
As Sauron's reach lengthens, Winter lingers overlong in Gondor. In the midst of cold, despair, and the slow march to war, Boromir kindles a forbidden love affair with an unknown errand-rider that creates intrigue and betrayal.
boromir  denethor  5-10K 
november 2018 by elftrash
The sequel to Discretion. The end of the relationship. Or, what politics do to strange bedfellows.
fic  lord.of.the.rings  boromir  denethor  slash  angst 
september 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
Hope Prevails, by eyeus
Slash. "You are a warrior," says Aragorn. "Of Gondor." His hand closes tight over Boromir's shoulder, as if lending Boromir his strength, tethering him to life. "Is there one for whom you fight? A lady-love?"

In his agony from the Uruk's wounds, Boromir's answer is entirely too honest. "A brother," he gasps. "I have a brother." In arms, in blood, and in bond.

"Then think of him, and live," Aragorn commands. "He will look for your coming from the White Tower, and you will return home to him."
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Boromir  Aragorn  Legolas  Gimli  Faramir  Samwise.Gamgee  Frodo.Baggins  Gollum  Denethor  Gandalf  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Éomer  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck  Éowyn  Boromir/Faramir  75000-79999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
In His Stead, by IceAngel7
Gen. "Do you wish then that our places had been exchanged?" What if Faramir had been the son of Denethor to embark on the quest to Imladris? Only time will make known if Faramir's loyalties will keep the Fellowship together or drive them apart.
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Faramir  Aragorn  Gimli  Legolas  Elrond  Gandalf  Frodo.Baggins  Samwise.Gamgee  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Saruman  Gollum  Radagast  Treebeard  Haldir  Rumil  Orophin  Galadriel  Celeborn  Éomer  Éowyn  Éothain  Boromir  Denethor  100000-149999.words  Háma  Gríma.Wormtongue 
december 2014 by settiai
Tolkien's Prose Style and its Literary and Rhetorical Effects | Michael D.C. Drout
While J.R.R. Tolkien's prose style in The Lord of the Rings has been both attacked and defended, its details have seldom been analyzed in terms of specific aesthetic effects. 1 This lacuna in Tolkien criticism is certainly understandable, given the perceived necessity of first defending Tolkien's work as a worthy object of serious literary (rather than sociological or pop-cultural) study: critics have spent much effort countering ill-informed and even logically contradictory claims about Tolkien's work, and the discussion of writing style has had to be given short shrift in the effort to make the study of Tolkien academically respectable. 2 But the analytical neglect of Tolkien's prose style has had the unfortunate effect of ceding important ground to Tolkien's detractors, who, with simple, unanalyzed quotations, point to some word or turn of phrase and, in essence, sniff that such is not the stuff of good literature. 3 I would even contend that a reaction against Tolkien's non-Modernist prose style is just as influential in the rejection of Tolkien by traditional literary scholars as is Modernist antipathy to the themes of his work, the ostensible political content of The Lord of the Rings, the popularity of the books, or even Tolkien's position outside the literary mainstream of his day (all of which have been well documented and countered by recent critics). 4
tolkien  studies  king  lear  nazgûl  éowyn  denethor  return  lotr  michael  drout  from instapaper
february 2012 by pnjman
Under the broken sky
Summary: Faramir is in love with Elrohir. However, after constantly being told that he is worth nothing and that there is something very wrong about not being attracted to women, he refuses to admit to anybody what he truly feels, not even to himself.
Little does he know that Elrohir share his affection, but that since Faramir will not let anybody close enough to hurt him, ‘Ro does not know how to approach him.
No one really understands why Faramir acts the way he does until one day, Aragorn finds Faramir’s old diaries and a truth that has been hidden for many years is something no one could even imagine, not even in their worst nightmares.
Rating: R
slash  lotr  faramir/elrohir  faramir/denethor  incest  abuse  denethor  elrohir  faramir  angst  !fanfic  ?unfinished 
december 2011 by indramiel
The Temptation of Hope by Raksha - Stories - Henneth Annûn
Captain Thorongil must make a choice that could alter the path of two realms as well as his own destiny and the fates of Denethor, Finduilas and Arwen.
lotr  pre-lotr  aragorn  findulas  denethor  adrahil  gondor  pov-aragorn  denethor/findulas  raksha  length-short 
march 2011 by ratcreature
Aspects of Aragorn by Inzilbeth
This is Aragorn's story, told in forty-two individual tales, which span from the day of his naming to the penning of 'The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen'. Each chapter explores a different aspect of his life and, collectively, they draw together all the known facts at our disposal into one strictly canon-based saga. Winner at 2009 MEFA Epilogue: 'The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen' This story is now complete.
lotr  length-novel  aragorn  pov-multiple  pov-1st  pov-3rd  het  aragorn/arwen  arwen  pre-lotr  during-ringwar  postwar  fourth-age  rebuilding  gondor  rohan  arnor  dunedain  elladan  elrohir  elrond  gilraen  halbarad  pathsofthedead  denethor  rivendell  young-aragorn  angst  orcs  trolls  fighting  galadrien  gandalf  gollum  palantir  characterstudy  introspection  injury  injured-aragorn  inzilbeth 
february 2011 by ratcreature
Contrapunto by Gandalfs apprentice - Stories - Henneth Annûn
Captain Thorongil does not bring out the best in the Steward's son, who is obsessed with finding out the captain's real identity. And what does Thorongil really think about him? This is one way it could have happened.
lotr  gen  denethor  aragorn  gondor  pre-lotr  gandalf  findingout  length-medium  characterstudy  politics  pov-aragorn  pov-denethor  pov-3rd 
january 2011 by ratcreature
Absence of Fear
Summary: A.U. Haldir comes to Gondor for a meeting with the Steward and finds himself intrigued by the Steward's youngest son.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Haldir/Faramir, Rumil/Orophin, Elladan/Elrohir, Aragorn/Boromir
lotr  slash  faramir/haldir  abuse  incest  non-con+rape  faramir  haldir  denethor  faramir/denethor  angst  !fanfic 
may 2010 by indramiel
Ash and Smoke (Retrospective Remix)
This is the story of Denethor, last of the ruling Stewards of Gondor. You say you know this one already? Maybe you do, and maybe you don't
fic  remix  lord.of.the.rings  denethor  outsider.perspective 
july 2009 by Beatrice_Otter
Forsaken by Keelywolfe
The day before leaving for Umbar, Aragorn is readying himself for the coming battle, only to discover that not everyone is eager for his safe return.
lotr  stories  slash  aragorn  denethor  NC-17  recs 
april 2007 by melina
What the Thunder Said by Altariel
Faramir's thoughts during the defence of Minas Tirith. A sequel to Death by Water.
lotr  stories  gen  boromir  faramir  denethor  imrahil  gandalf  altariel  PG  recs 
april 2007 by melina
Death by Water by Altariel
Faramir and Denethor await news of Boromir, and Faramir dreams of water.
lotr  stories  gen  boromir  faramir  denethor  altariel  PG  recs 
april 2007 by melina
A Pale Light Lingering by Altariel
The old year ends, and Faramir makes the journey from Minas Tirith to Ithilien.
lotr  stories  gen  faramir  denethor  altariel  PG  recs 
april 2007 by melina
Spirits of the House by Altariel
The old year ends, Boromir has not returned, and Denethor contemplates mortality.
lotr  stories  gen  boromir  faramir  denethor  altariel  PG  recs 
april 2007 by melina

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