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Heaven 7 - Adaptive sub-sample
Just a short article on a raytracing speed up technique where they trace the corners of a 8x8 block, and if they all hit the same thing just interpolate instead of further ray tracing.
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8 days ago by MemoryStomp
RT : My humble “inn” for this awesome weekend at .
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4 weeks ago by asbjornu
@p01: 3D HELIX 💫 #pico8 #demoscene effect in 275 bytes #tweetcart #tweetjam
3D HELIX 💫 #pico8 #demoscene effect in 275 bytes #tweetcart #tweetjam Hope you like it. It was really fun to tweak and go from first version over 400 bytes without extrusion to 275 with vertical tilt and extrusion.

r="3d helix ★ p01"cls()s=sin ?r memcpy(0,24568,999)::_::cls()for y=0,138 do i=(t()*8+y/8)%114u=y/399-t()/7w=(27+9*s(u))*s(u)a=abs(w/16)for z=0,6 do if(z*sgn(w)>5) a=11+w/9 pal(6,a+rnd())sspr(flr(i/6)*4,i%6,3,1,64+(16+z*6)*s(u-.25)-w,y-z,w*2,1) end end ?r,34,50,7 flip()goto _
Pico8  demoscene  p01 
6 weeks ago by nodalpoint
Atari ST source code repository
A large repository of Atari ST (and family) source code
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8 weeks ago by Z303

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