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Older Indians Drive Millennials Crazy On WhatsApp. This Is Why They're Obsessed.
WhatsApp is now an inextricable part of India’s culture. The app has more than 200 million users in the country, and it's nearly as large as Facebook’s Indian user base itself.
whatsapp  facebook  india  users  older  social  media  behaviour  demographics 
3 days ago by markhgn
The Yorkie’s Dominance: We Analyzed Every Dog Registration in New York - The New York Times
Consider the poodle: the fluffy stalwart of the Upper East Side, the pooch par excellence of fancy white-glove co-ops. Lately, it’s been roughing it downtown.

From 2012 to 2016, the breed’s registrations nearly doubled in Hell’s Kitchen and nearby Chelsea, from 113 to 208, the biggest surge for the breed in all five boroughs. Except these poodles answered to names like Duke and Nacho, not Bentley or Valentino, like some of their uptown kin. And while the Upper East Side still had the most poodles in that period, with 369 registrations in 2016, the breed’s downtown migration hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“It’s almost as if the idea of the Upper East Side has relocated,” said Jason Saft, an agent with Compass, commenting on the number of poodles that have flooded the West Village, a longtime bastion of the bohemian set in downtown Manhattan.
NYTimes  dog  demographics 
6 days ago by cnk
Is Facebook for old people? Over-55s flock in as the young leave | Technology | The Guardian
It’s official: Facebook is for old(er) people. Teens and young adults are ditching Mark Zuckerberg’s social network as popularity among the over-55s surges, according to a report.
In 2018, 2.2 million 12- to 17-year-olds and 4.5 million 18- to 24-year-olds will regularly use Facebook in the UK, 700,000 fewer than in 2017, as younger users defect to services such as Snapchat, according to eMarketer.
A surge in older users means over-55s will become the second-biggest demographic of Facebook users this year.

The report says that while Facebook has so far been successful in keeping hold of younger users shifting to services such as Instagram, which it bought in 2012 for $1bn, defectors are now increasingly heading to upstart Snapchat.
facebook  snapchat  stats  demographics  olderpeople 
6 days ago by dancall
When will the world reach 'peak child'?
Obviously the best one will be born in about two months
children  demographics  thefuture  education  africa 
9 days ago by andrewducker
Snap Shares Soar As Q4 Redesign Beats Street |
Those numbers seemingly gave some proof positive that the redesign of its signature app has been successful, with a few more recent pushes tied to letting users bring their Snap content to Facebook, for example, and shedding some of the initial focus on disappearing messages.
Investors might have been cheered by the hosting cost per user, which came down slightly from 72 cents last year to 70 cents in the most recent period. And though there’s a long way to go before the red ink turns to black, the gross margin did indeed accelerate markedly, to 36 percent from eight percent.
Narrowing the age gap?  Efforts here seem to have had an impact.  Thus the communications from CEO Evan Spiegel, who said during earnings report that “the redesign has also made our application simpler and easier to use, especially for older users.  Compared to the old design, core metrics around content consumption and time spent in the redesigned application are disproportionately higher for users over the age of 35, which bodes well for increasing engagement among older users as we continue to grow our business.”
snapchat  stats  demographics  advertising 
11 days ago by dancall
How To Understand The Of Your Audience and Why It Is Important? Read More …
demographics  from twitter
12 days ago by mandigital
ICv2: NYCC Insider Sessions Powered by ICv2: A Demographic Snapshot of Comics Buyers
"In terms of gender and age,
63% of comics and graphic novels are purchased by men, 37% by women;
57% of comics and graphic novels are bought by 13-29 year olds;"
comicbooks  demographics  stats  2018 
13 days ago by handcoding
Gender and your kitchen design - Curbed
“We knew there should be some giftability to it. Because Dad is the hardest to buy for,” Halberg added. Man Law customers’ buying habits are a flip of the classic “kitchen appliance as a Christmas gift for Mother” scheme: “What we found,” Halberg said, “is that in a lot of cases she’s buying it for him, and he becomes somewhat addicted to it. Or he’s out with his buddies, and his buddies are like, ‘Wow, where did you get that? That’s awesome.’”
conse  demographics  funny 
13 days ago by dancall
7 portraits of modern work in the UK – RSA Reports – Medium
In an attempt to understand the state of good work in the modern labour market, the RSA partnered with Populus to construct a segmentation, using the data from our RSA/Populus survey.
stats  demographics  futureofwork  economics 
14 days ago by dancall

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