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The stomach-turning 'ballot-harvesting' that enabled Democrats to walk off with California
Which is why it's illegal almost everywhere in the world. California, on the other hand, back in 2016, passed AB1921, a law that actually permits it. Anyone can turn in ballots now, no questions asked, no chain of custody required. Back at the time, Democrats were hollering about low turnout and how getting more turnout was a priority, even though they were running a one-party state at that time, as they are now.
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Opinion | Eliminating All Student Debt Isn’t Progressive - The New York Times
The fatal flaw of universal student-debt cancellation is that it’s not, in fact, progressive. It mostly benefits the upper middle class. “Education debt,” as Sandy Baum and Victoria Lee of the Urban Institute have written, “is disproportionately concentrated among the well-off.” The highest-earning quarter of the population holds about half of all student debt, according to Baum and Lee. Which means that universal student debt cancellation would be a giant welfare program for the bourgeoisie.
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5 days ago by HispanicPundit
Indivisible: What's Next | Indivisible
New power calls for a new strategy. Tell us you're all in for the second half of this fight.
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RT : Congratulations, ! Now, don't screw it up. plots the narrow path of messaging success, and…
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