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The Democratization of Data Science
Want to catch tax cheats? The government of Rwanda does — and it’s finding them by studying anomalies in revenue-collection data. Want to understand how American culture is changing? So does a budding sociologist in Indiana. via Pocket
pocket  data  science  democratization  collection 
october 2018 by jburkunk
What is holacracy? The management approach tested by Google and Zappos. — Quartz at Work

Working within a holacracy feels unnatural, compared to the way most companies are run. It involves forgoing one’s job title, taking complete ownership of one’s career development, and engaging with all colleagues as equals—transcending what Robertson views as outdated paradigms of power. Indeed, holacracy is designed to completely upend traditional hierarchy and replace it with a new structure that decentralizes power, essentially making everyone a CEO.

There's a lot to unpack here.
"unnatural" - as if the capital-management-labor hierarchy is found in biomes and geologic strata.
"forgoing [a] job title" - Which is often literal nonsense to begin with.
"making everyone a ceo" - which is basically the antithesis of what the CEO's role is.
holacracy  management  consultants  pseudoscience  democracy  democratization  labor  capitalism  work  jobs 
october 2018 by po
How Columbus, Indiana became a living museum of modern architecture and design — Quartz
"Getting starchitects of the day to work on public buildings was the brainchild of industrialist J. Irwin Miller
With some 80 notable structures—schools, libraries, banks, and public buildings—Columbus offers a Disneyland-like experience for visiting architecture gawkers."
architecture  travel  places_to_visit  indiana  unitedstates  democratization  2017  design 
december 2017 by chritter
Democracy Promotion Under Trump
Tom Carothers finds many clouds, but a small silver lining.
Uspolitics  democratization  democracy 
september 2017 by nwlinks
Tunisian Security Forces Rock the Vote
Enfranchising the military - showed me how little I know about Tunisia.
democracy  democratization  elections  tunisia 
february 2017 by nwlinks

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