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I bet no other will touch that in any real way. It is who he is, who he has been and who he will be.…
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23 days ago by jstenner
Jay Inslee unveils $9trn climate jobs plan to cut emissions and bolster unions • HuffPost UK
Alexander Kaufman:
<p>The 38-page <a href="">Evergreen Economy Plan</a> promises at least 8 million jobs over 10 years, and offers the most detailed policy vision yet for mobilizing the entire United States economy to stave off catastrophic global warming and prepare for already inevitable temperature rise.

The proposal lays out a five-pronged strategy to launch an unprecedented deployment of renewable energy, fortify the nation’s infrastructure to cope with climate change, spur a clean-tech manufacturing boom, increase federal research funding fivefold and level income inequality by repealing anti-union laws and enacting new rules to close the racial and gender pay gaps. By spending $300bn per year, the plan projects another $600bn in annual economic activity generated by its mandates.  

“The thing that can really cost is the path of inaction, the path of letting Paradise, California, keep burning down, the path of letting Davenport, Iowa, keep flooding, the path of letting Miami be inundated,” Inslee told HuffPost by phone on Wednesday. “It’s too expensive, besides being too deadly.”

The breadth is stunning, with few problems left untouched. The plan includes specifics on everything from national parks to drinking water, “ultra-high-speed” rail to electric scooters, climate literacy education to a new Climate Conservation Corps.</p>

The devil's in the details (and there aren't many details in this, despite its length). But that creaking noise? It's the <a href="">Overton window</a> shifting climatewards among the Democratic candidates.
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5 weeks ago by charlesarthur
RT : Thanks to one turncoat , this unscientific idiocy could actually become law.…
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7 weeks ago by rossgrady
Can Progressives Stop Biden, the Credit Card Candidate?
Exposing spurious mainstream media thinking. why Biden is a horrible Democratic candidate.
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8 weeks ago by csrollyson
Joe Biden's non-apology to Anita Hill casts long shadow over 2020 run | US news | The Guardian
Biden, accused of #sexual #harassment himself, is mistrusted also due to his handling of Anita Hill hearing in 1991
sexuality  harassment  law  judge  1991  supreme  court  joebiden  hearing  trust  testimony  Q2  2019  attitude  democrat 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
RT : last month the socialists threatened the lone in Congress if he didn't bend…
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8 weeks ago by gaelicWizard
The Hillary Show Goes On
But it’s worth noting this is exactly the same group of voters Clinton’s campaign famously and disastrously assumed they would win back in 2016, confident they could simply ignore blue-collar voters and avoid making a substantive case to the party’s un-enthused base. But more than this, it’s a reminder that elite Democrats, obsessed with the most superficial aspects of politics — visuals, physical appearance, and symbolism over actual ideology and material realities — imagine every voter shares this obsession. Meanwhile, back in reality, Trump has maintained a sky-high approval rating among Republicans to this day, largely because he’s delivered exactly what the party’s base desires.

“The trouble with beating Trump is, it is so much more than a political calculation,” said Brown. “The only thing that’s important is the visuals almost of that debate stage. You know, he’s big, he’s a big lowering guy. … It’s not even a political calculation as much as who has got the physicality, the presence to be on that stage with Trump.”

In the make-believe world Democrats have constructed for themselves since 2016, the buffoonish, physically awkward Trump has become some kind of formidable masculine ideal who can only be bested if one can physically match him. It’s a strange, inadvertently sexist talking point that oddly plays into the same offensive tropes it claims to reject.
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12 weeks ago by jstenner

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