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"Rechtswidrige Praxis": Gericht rüffelt Polizei | - Nachrichten - Niedersachsen - Lüneburg/Heide/Unterelbe
Eine Polizeidirektion gibt unaufgefordert Daten über Gewerkschafter Lennard Aldag an den Verfassungsschutz weiter - rechtswidrig, hat jetzt das Verwaltungsgericht Lüneburg geurteilt.
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9 hours ago by anne_joan
Diverse teams are still *really* good for business, McKinsey says
McKinsey points to Salesforce as an example of a company that delivers on diversity and inclusion, noting its decision to create a C-suite role of Chief Equality Officer and its work to close the gender pay gap.
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3 days ago by seaugust
In The Midst Of #MeToo, What Type Of Man Do You Want To Be?
You have the chance right now, while it’s all being brought up, to decide that the way you’ve been is not the way you want to be. You have the chance to decide that you do not want the women in your life to fear you, to survive you, to endure you, to resent you. You have the chance to decide that you do not want to dominate, to conquer, to overcome, to defeat the women you claim to love and respect. And you have the chance to decide that you no longer want to associate, through your words and actions, with men who do want to continue to be this type of man.
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3 days ago by seaugust
Writing For Alexa Becomes More Complicated In The #MeToo Era
One of our overarching tenets is ‘Alexa doesn’t upset her customers,’ and we work very hard to try and make that the case, even though we know that not everyone is going to love everything Alexa says.
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3 days ago by seaugust
The BecDot is a toy that helps teach vision-impaired kids to read braille
Right now the BecDot is only in prototype phase, but the Lacourses sounded optimistic during CES, when I met with them. They’d been selected for a reward and exhibition by Not Impossible, an organization that creates and advocates for tech in the humanitarian space.
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3 days ago by seaugust
Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global and Samsung launch tech detox app
Thrive is available in Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store for the Note8, and will be available on additional Galaxy models soon, according to a statement.
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3 days ago by seaugust
CVS bans photo manipulation for store beauty brands, will place alert label on others
Those competitor brands have shown that authenticity in a world overwhelmed by false imagery is especially appealing to consumers.
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3 days ago by seaugust

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