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After on-stage failure, Federighi tries to quiet fears about Face ID’s function and security | iLounge News
In its first big moment on stage during last week’s Apple Keynote, Face ID failed to unlock SVP Craig Federighi’s iPhone X, leading to all kinds of speculation that the new authentication system will be a disaster. Sitting down with Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, Federighi did his best to assuage those fears, saying the very public failure surprised him because usually the Face ID “just works,” and he’s certain that any fears over the functionality will “melt away” as soon as users have their hands on the iPhone X. “Honestly, we’re just all counting the days that customers can finally get their hands on these. Because I think just like with Touch ID, initially people thought oh, ‘Apple’s done something that’s totally not going to work and I’m not a believer and I’m not gonna use this feature,’” Federighi said. “Now everyone’s worried because they can’t imagine life without Touch ID. We’re going to see exactly the same thing with Face ID.”
faceID  apple_event  federighi  demo  security  privacy 
11 hours ago by rgl7194
How TBH hit #1 by turning anonymity positive
“If we’re improving the mental health of millions of teens, that’s a success to us” says Nikita Bier, co-founder of tbh. His team has scored a surprise hit, rocketing to the top of the App Store by letting teens send each other compliments anonymously.
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2 days ago by seaugust
5 Things All Artists Should Know Before Hitting the Studio
There are a number of things you can do as a recording artist or as a band to ensure your recording time in the studio is efficient and productive, and your budget is not wasted.
recording  studio  time  demo 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Where to Find More Diverse Stock Photos
It’s easy to find stock photos of slim white people doing stereotypical activities—women laughing alone with salad and that sort of thing. If that’s not what you’re looking for, may we suggest some of these sites that break the mold?
ss  demo  inthing  mytechtool 
2 days ago by seaugust
The Ellen Pao Effect Is What Happens After Lean In | WIRED
Pao and Clinton are both products of the moment in which we find ourselves, one in which it no longer works to maneuver within systems in which certain people seem doomed to fail. Instead, both women are speaking out at the expense of the system.
demo  inthing 
4 days ago by seaugust
Kudan AR Engine Tech Demo @ YouTube
Youtube video showing KUdan "profsessional" augmented reality.
kudan  ar  augmentedreality  video  demo  youtube 
9 days ago by cyberchucktx
The Shkreli Syndrome: Youthful Trouble, Tech Success, Then a Fall
“We do want them to be rule-breakers,” said David Golden, who helps run the venture capital arm of Revolution, the investment firm of the AOL co-founder Steve Case. “We don’t want them to be felons.”
ss  demo  inthing-done  HALT 
9 days ago by seaugust
Auto Hexagonal CSS Grid Layout & CSS custom properties
The tutorial that goes along with one of this weeks code pens.
newslettered  277  codepen  hexgon  grid  demo  adobemax17 
9 days ago by justinavery
AgileBits Blog | Face it, The iPhone X Looks Amazing
Wow, what an incredible Apple event today! As you may have guessed the entire team here at AgileBits cozied up to their computers, iPads, Apple TVs, and iPhones to watch as the good folks at Apple took to the stage in the newly minted Steve Jobs Theater and proceeded to bring the house down. A new Apple Watch, a brand new 4K Apple TV, a new iPhone 8, the iPhone X! The hits just kept coming.
As blown away as we were by today’s product announcements we were even more blown away by our inclusion in the festivities. To see Phil Schiller on stage showing 1Password on the new iPhone X was magical. In case you missed it, here’s a screen grab we captured for posterity...
iphoneX  apple_event  1password  demo 
10 days ago by rgl7194
Study finds Reddit’s controversial ban of its most toxic subreddits actually worked
The question of how to to combat racism and hatred at large is one that is really too much for a major platform like Reddit or even Google or Facebook. The best they can hope to do is strike at it when and where it appears. But as ineffective as that might seem, it worked for Reddit and it may work elsewhere: bigotry is easy and those who cherish it are lazy. Make it difficult and many people may find it more trouble than it’s worth to harass, shame, and otherwise abuse online those different from themselves.
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10 days ago by seaugust
DARK CIRCLE ROOM: The Sisters of Mercy
Showing posts with label The Sisters of Mercy.
music  alt_rock  TSOM  80s  bootlegs  download  demo  SBD 
10 days ago by rgl7194
After 46 Years, Mattel Redesigned Uno For Colorblind People
For most toys, such an announcement would be small news. But Uno is the most popular non-collectible card game in the world, and the fourth most popular toy across the entire industry.
ss  demo  inthing-done 
10 days ago by seaugust
Reliquary: David Bowie - Rare And Well Done (SOBD-001) [SBD]
David Bowie
'Rare And Well Done'
(1999 Pirate Records : SOBD-001)
Unreleased & Demo Versions 1968-1972 
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Unofficial compilation of acetates, demos, BBC & West London studio recording sessions with Mick Ronson, live recordings & studio outtakes recorded between 1968-72.
music  bowie  60s  70s  pop_rock  SBD  bootlegs  download  demo 
11 days ago by rgl7194

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