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Welcome to Wingtips app - Azure SQL Database
Learn about database tenancy models, and about the sample Wingtips SaaS application, for Azure SQL Database in the cloud environment.
azure  demo  development  architecture  database  sqlserver 
2 days ago by berberich
Stacking Responsive Table | Codepen
Stactable responsive tables using only CSS. Makes use of data attributes so you don't need to know in advance the number of columns in the table.
tables  responsive  codepen  demo 
6 days ago by ijy
kamranahmedse/driver.js: A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript engine to drive the user's focus across the page
highlight any (literally any) element on page
create powerful feature introductions for your web applications
Everything is controllable by keyboard
demo  tour  JavaScript  UI  library  popover  popup 
7 days ago by dandv
It has never been so easy to document your things
It has never been so easy to document your things
styleguide  generator  documentation  playground  js  sandbox  demo  patternlibrary  composer    tools  markdown  wiki 
10 days ago by michaelfox

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