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This is a demo of HMTL for NLP, our new NLP multi-task model that reaches or beats SotA on 4 distinct NLP tasks.
machine-learning  nlp  demo 
yesterday by jseppanen
soundZoom - Explore Sound in A New Way (Microtonality) | Dodeka
Digital and isomorphic keyboard to zoom in musical notes. Discover microtonality.
piano  online  demo  html5  sound 
4 days ago by program247365
Román Cortés
The demo has 3 main parts: a rendering method, a data decompressor and the data itself. The rendering method is a parallel projected cylindrical heightmap.
demo  graphics 
4 days ago by sch
Contribute to jbossdemocentral/rhpam7-install-demo development by creating an account on GitHub.
redhat  github  rhpam  install  demo  ddoyle 
5 days ago by gerjantd
From the archives: Infinite Tubes with Three.js
webgl  webdev  threejs  tunnel  demo  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by jwtulp

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