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Nat's Story
Nat and Daisy have grown up and have a family of their own. Nat is a busy violinist in Boston and Daisy is raising their children in the house next door to Demi's. Nat is happy with his life in Boston and is lovers with the conductor of his orchestra. I always felt when reading Little Men that they were hinting that Nat preferred men, this is what would have happened.
littlemen  katdam  nat  daisy  nat/omc  demi 
august 2019 by alcottfanfiction
Rosebuds and Monogrammed Handkerchiefs
If John and Laurie were brothers, if Daisy was Beth and Laurie's daughter. If Daisy and Demi had a secret understanding.
daisy/demi  daisy  demi  ao3  beth  laurie  meg  johnbrooke  jo  bhaer  amy  fred  bess  ted  aliceheath  Marguerite_Thian  littlemen 
may 2019 by alcottfanfiction
Soto! Explore thyself!
The sisters meet for an afternoon of sewing. Conversation ensues-- and reflection.
jo  meg  amy  marmee  demi  littlewomen  ao3  middlemarch 
march 2019 by alcottfanfiction
Doctor Giddygaddy
Nan and her patients, through the years.
nan  daisy  demi  nat  tommy  Elennare  ao3  littlewomen 
january 2019 by alcottfanfiction
Little Tranquility
In a world where Beth survives scarlet fever, like her elder sisters, Amy does not exist, and Jo goes to Europe, Beth turns into Laurie's only refuge. And perhaps he will find that Jo's little sister, the forever optimistic little Beth, is much better than any love of his? Beth x Laurie AU
littlewomen  Marguerite_Thian  beth/laurie  beth  laurie  john/meg  bhaer/jo  daisy  demi  bhaer  jo  auntmarch  meg  johnbrooke  ao3 
december 2018 by alcottfanfiction

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