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Deliveroo Debuts Brick-and-Mortar in Hong Kong |
Online food delivery startup Deliveroo has opened a physical restaurant in Hong Kong, according to a CNBC report.
The restaurant serves online and in-store customers, and if it’s successful, the company has plans to grow the concept globally.
The Deliveroo Food Market will operate as both a kitchen for delivering orders and a customer-facing location where patrons can pick from 15 different dining concepts.
The food market concept extends the company’s Editions program, a concept that has actual kitchens hosting 100 participating restaurants in shared spaces all over the world. Those kitchens are in what the company considers strategic neighborhoods, and the restaurants operate without the costs tied to running an actual restaurant.
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8 hours ago by dancall
What’s the biggest food delivery service in each city? - Recode
But thanks to the mechanics of food delivery platforms — which often require companies to sign up hoards of independent restaurants in each new city — the more than $100 billion takeout food delivery market is still anyone’s game.
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yesterday by whip_lash
GoReleaser is a release automation tool for Go projects, the goal is to simplify the build, release and publish steps while providing variant customization options for all steps.
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9 days ago by devnulled
The Software Defined Delivery Manifesto
"We recognize that delivering useful software shapes our world. We recognize that code is the best way to specify precise action. We recognize that code is only useful when we deliver it."
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9 days ago by niksilver
The Software Defined Delivery Manifesto: Collaborative, Model-Based, Event-Driven Automation
"At GOTO Copenhagen, Rod Johnson announced "The Software Defined Delivery Manifesto", written by multiple experts within the field of software delivery. The authors of the manifesto argue that the delivery of software "is not a detail, it is our job", and accordingly, "now is the time to engineer our delivery"."
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9 days ago by niksilver
5 Big Takeaways from Black Friday 2018 | Street Fight
1. Brick-and-mortar foot traffic appears to be down. Estimates range from a virtually negligible drop of 1% to more steady declines of 5 to 9%. That would mark the continuation of a disappointing trend given the effort retailers are putting into reversing the negative inertia of the past few years of in-store shopping.

2. Where’s all that offline spending going? Online, of course. Adobe Analytics reported that $6.22 billion was spent online on Friday, marking a whopping 23.6% jump over the previous year.

3. It’s not as simple as a zero-sum competition between online and offline. Industry analysts posit that emerging omnichannel approaches to retail played a big factor this year, as consumers took advantage of options like ordering online and picking up in-store.

4. Mobile continues to take a larger share of the e-commerce pie. Over thirty-three percent of online orders were placed on mobile this year compared to 29% last year, Adobe indicated. That amounted to over $2 billion in sales.

5. Free shipping is an indispensable strategy for online retailers looking to stay ahead. According to Deloitte, 88% of shoppers prefer free shipping to fast shipping, and a whopping 47% of shoppers who said they’d shop in-store attributed that decision to a desire to avoid shipping costs.
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13 days ago by dancall

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