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Pinboard Acquires Delicious (Pinboard Blog)
Pinboard has acquired Delicious. Here’s what you need to know
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3 days ago by navegador
Did I Make a Mistake Selling to Yahoo? | Intelligencer | NY Mag
Joshua Schachter’s groundbreaking social-bookmarking site, founded in 2003, popularized the idea of “tags” — organizing bookmarks by appending just a word or two. At its height, was the toast of budding social sites known as Web 2.0, had millions of users, and served as a direct inspiration for sites like Reddit and Pinterest. Schachter talked to Intelligencer about his decision sell to Yahoo in 2005 — and how it felt to watch as the company was mismanaged and sold off to a series of buyers before being permanently shut down in 2017.
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16 days ago by alykat
moreish - Wiktionary
(In case you might have a hard time remembering that British dialect word for describing something so delicious that one wants to eat more of it—)
“(Britain, informal, of food or drink) Causing one to want to have more.”

(Note to self: “moresome” is definitely not a synonym. That word refers to a threesome but with more than three people.)
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4 weeks ago by handcoding

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