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I can’t get this out of my head: non-archivist academic talking about libraries “dumping” microforms. Here’s what happens in libraries when we jettison equipment and material that no one is using to make room for something in demand or providing special value to the collection....

Before books, microforms, serials, videotapes, etc. go to the great beyond, they’re offered to other libraries, including prison libraries and libraries in other countries.
archives  deaccessioning  deleting  erasure 
february 2019 by shannon_mattern
Be a Deletist

a person who deletes their data in the quest for anonymity, privacy and minimalism: paving the way for ethical decentralised systems.
anonymity  internet  tools  accounts  deleting  deletion  guides  privacy  Productivity  social-media 
april 2018 by speckz
6 Solutions when iPhone Keeps Deleting & Restoring Photos
Many iPhone users are annoyed about their iPhones keeping deleting and restoring photos. Thus, in this article, we will look at this problem to expose 6 effective means to deal with it.
Airplane  Mode  Cellular  Data  Deleting  &  Restoring  Photos  iCloud  Settings  iOS  iPhone  outlook  recovery  Reset  Network 
february 2018 by DataNumen
Handling GDPR: How to make Kafka Forget
How do you delete (or redact) data from Kafka? The simplest way to remove messages from Kafka is to simply let them expire. By default Kafka will keep data for two weeks and you can tune this as required. There is also an Admin API that lets you delete messages explicitly if they are older than some specified time or offset. But what if we are keeping data in the log for a longer period of time, say for Event Sourcing use cases or as a source of truth? For this you can make use of  Compacted Topics, which allow messages to be explicitly deleted or replaced by key.

Similar applies to Kinesis I would think.
kafka  kinesis  gdpr  expiry  deleting  data  privacy 
december 2017 by jm
How do I delete one name (s) from a gmail contact group without deleting from my ALL Contacts list? - Google Product Forums!msg/gmail/fbOg_0xbNxI/2EqEP5zlzucJ ;;;
tags: How do I delete one name (s) from a gmail contact group without deleting from my ALL Contacts list | ? ;;;
How  do  I  delete  one  name  (s)  from  a  gmail  contact  group  without  deleting  my  ALL  Contacts  list  |  ? 
november 2017 by neerajsinghvns

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