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How to Auto Delete Sent Meeting Cancellations in Your Outlook
After cancelling an Outlook meeting, you may hope to auto delete the sent meeting cancellations from “Sent Items” folder. Now, in this article, we will teach you how to realize it with Outlook VBA.
Auto  Delete  Sent  Meeting  Cancellations  Outlook  corruption  VBA  Items 
13 minutes ago by DataNumen
How to Batch Delete All Delivery Receipts in Your Outlook
So as to ensure that your outgoing emails have been delivered successfully, you can request the delivery receipts. In this case, your mailbox may be stuffed with a lot of such receipts. To batch delete them permanently, you can use the way shared in this post.
Batch  Delete  Delivery  Receipt  Receipts  outlook  VBA  recover 
6 days ago by DataNumen
2 Easy Methods to Batch Delete All RSS Feeds in Your Outlook
If you would like to batch delete all RSS Feeds subscribed in your Outlook, you can read this post. Here we will share 2 efficient approaches with you.
Account  Settings  Batch  Delete  All  RSS  Feeds  fix  Outlook  VBA 
13 days ago by DataNumen
2 Quick Ways to Permanently Delete Empty Folders in Your Outlook
By default, when you delete a folder, Outlook will always move it to "Deleted Items" folder. Yet, most of time, you always wish to delete the empty folders permanently without passing the "Deleted Items" folder. Now, this article will help you get it.
Delete  Folder  Deleted  Items  Empty  Folders  outlook  VBA  Permanently  ScanPST 
16 days ago by DataNumen
How to Batch Delete All Exceptional Occurrences of a Recurring Outlook Appointment
If you want to quickly find all exceptional occurrences of a recurring appointment and delete them in batches, you can use the method introduced in this article.
Batch  Delete  All  Exceptional  Occurrences  outlook  VBA  Recurrence  Recurring  Appointment  ScanPST 
23 days ago by DataNumen

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