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How to Delete Movies from TV App on iPhone or iPad
So, basically, to delete a movie on iOS, tap on the “downloaded” button.
ios  movies  delete 
7 days ago by handcoding
ConEmu: how do I delete items from the "Create new console" dropdown? - Super User
Open a Create new console dialog (WinShiftw hotkey can be changed in Settings > Keys)
Right-click on the Create new console dialog caption or hit AltSpace.
Menu item > Reset command history...
i.e. start to configure a new console, then click on the dialog box header.
clear  delete  conemu  history  console  disable 
14 days ago by theskett
5 Ways to Empty Trash on Mac That Won’t Delete - Info | Remo Software
Delete immediately may have worked after ensuring source disk for files was idle. Seemed to override "files not found" error.
delete  immediately  trash  empty  force  Mac 
15 days ago by Michael.Massing
Empty Trash on Mac: A How-to Guide | MacFly Pro
Delete immediately may have worked after ensuring source disk for files was idle. Seemed to override "files not found" error.
delete  immediately  trash  empty  force  Mac 
15 days ago by Michael.Massing
Fake Identity Generator
Generate a fake name, address, date of birth, username, password and biography.
generator  account  social  privacy  delete 
21 days ago by PinMarco
Remove missing files? | Official Apple Support Communities
Using a playlist to collect dead tracks.
Create new regular playlist – Playlist1
Select whole library and drag to Playlist1
Create new Smart Playlist with the rule: Playlist is not Playlist1
Live updating checked – after you run it, uncheck live updating or you may not be able to delete tracks.
This playlist should contain all the dead tracks
Use shift-del to remove from library
itunes  delete  song  iphone  trick 
25 days ago by ferran

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