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Delegation and Time Management – Camille Fournier – Medium
Effective delegation is one of the most critical skills a manager can learn. Without effective delegation, you fall victim to micromanaging your team, losing control of your time, and eventually…
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29 days ago by twleung
[Inside Intercom] The Orange Juice Test
propose a task you know to be extremely difficult but possible, and then measure the candidate’s reaction. If they are defeatist (“That can’t be done!“) or deluded (“I’d code that in a weekend“) then that’s what you’d be hiring.
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9 weeks ago by jslu
Elided Branches: Delegation: When being helpful is actually hurting
So the next time you find yourself tempted to volunteer to take over responsibility for something from someone who reports to you, pause. Instead of taking it over, ask them what they think the next steps should be. Give your feedback, and let them bring the follow-ups to you in the next appropriate touch base. You owe it to them to stop taking over their work in the name of helpfulness.
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10 weeks ago by andrewsardone
How a single conversation with my boss changed my view on delegation and failure
One day, I was having my weekly 1:1 meeting with my boss, Andrew Bosworth. We were going through the regular updates about my team, things going on at Facebook more generally, yada yada. Then he…
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july 2018 by sbellef
Slate: To fight segregation, taxpayers should pay blacks to move out of desirable inner city locations and pay white gentrifiers to move in, by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review
I put my application in after a black man and his girlfriend, and the landlord told me he would turn them down just to get me in the building.

An older jewish woman I know lives in a co-op in Harlem as a low-income retiree. She got on the housing board in the building and made the building keep meticulous records of who was and was not paying rent. She then used these records to evict everyone who didn’t pay their rent regularly (who were all black people who had been living there for many years). She could only do this because the law was technically on her side and the landlords were severely on her side.

Then there is a building for low-income families in south Harlem. The Chinese took it over completely. A few “low-income” (hiding lots of money under mattress) Chinese families got in the building, joined the board and changed the rules to qualify for a unit so that no blacks would ever qualify. You have to have like 40K in income on paper and 500K in assets to qualify to live there.

This is how the war to gentrify Harlem works. The landlords need to get just a few non-nam tenants in to their buildings in order to gradually transform the demographics.

In any case, I will gladly take my check from the govt for doing my patriotic duty of furthering integration.
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june 2018 by elev8

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