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Better Strategies Through Types — Figure
I would only add that for a simple case like the example given, adding a closure also works in place of a trivial delegate.
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march 2018 by cdzombak
The two mental shifts highly successful people make
Shift 1: The power of choice
- You are responsible.
- Every choice has a cost and consequence.
- Success (and happiness) is a choice.
- Momentum is essential.
- Most people get stuck at the first shift.

Shift 2: The power of context
- 10x thinking.
- Delegate.
- Collaboration and synergy in all areas of life.
- Rest and recovery.
mindset  shifts  thinking  responsibility  momentum  delegation  collaboration  synergy 
february 2018 by drmeme
lcamtuf's blog: Progressing from tech to leadership
Oh, one more thought: people in leadership roles have their allegiance divided between the company and the people who depend on them. The obligation to the company is more formal, but the impact you have on your team is longer-lasting and more intimate. When the obligations to the employer and to your team collide in some way, make sure you can make the right call; it might be one of the the most consequential decisions you'll ever make.

delegation  management  leadership  process 
february 2018 by Seanconnned
How a single conversation with my boss changed my view on delegation and failure
“Listen, if there isn’t something going off the rails on your team, then I know you are micro-managing them. You are really good at what you do, and if you stay in the weeds on everything, you’ll keep things going perfectly, for a while. But eventually two things will happen. One, you will burn out. And two, you will eventually start to seriously piss off your team. So I better see some things going sideways, on a fairly regular basis.”
management  leadership  failure  burnout  worklifebalance  delegation 
february 2018 by spaceninja

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