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Event messaging in Unity – Creating a simple HUD | Unitylore
We can use delegates and events to create a messaging or broadcasting system that is much more robust and versatile than direct script communication via references.
programming  c#  delegates  events  unity  tutorial 
april 2018 by jakobb
Events and Delegates Simplified - CodeProject
When I was trying to learn events and delegates, I read a lot of articles to completely understand what they are and how to use them, and now I want to present them all here, everything I learned, most of the things you need to learn.
programming  c#  delegates  events  tutorial 
april 2018 by jakobb
Delegates (C# Programming Guide) | Microsoft Docs
Microsoft docs on delegates, very informative/quality reading
c#  c  sharp  microsoft  docs  delegates  delegate  documentation 
january 2018 by dot404
Using Delegates (C# Programming Guide) | Microsoft Docs
It turns out Microsoft documentation is pretty damn good, who would have thought?
c#  c  sharp  delegates  delegate 
january 2018 by dot404
Elegant delegates in Kotlin - codecentric AG Blog
Kotlin has given us some really killer features. Some come with a warning, e.g. the language support for delegation.
delegates  kotlin 
november 2017 by lincze

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