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The One Thing Providers Could Do To Make Buying Easier
"The two things that jump out immediately are responsiveness and details. Responsiveness is important—when buying teams ask for information, pricing, or clarifications; you should give it to them. Seems simple, right? But it doesn’t seem to happen as easily as it should. In fact, our respondents told us that the “inability to get specific product or implementation details” from vendors was the second most likely cause of significant delays in their buying decision! It’s easy to complain about lengthening sales cycles, but when vendors contribute to it, they need to take ownership of some of the blame."
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Mace says faulty wiring behind Spurs stadium delay | News | Building
Exclusive: Contractor breaks silence on problems as Premier League club prepares to unveil a new opening timetable (mark reynolds)

*Mace has broken its silence over its problems on Tottenham Hotspur’s late-running stadium with the firm blaming faulty wiring for the ground busting its opening deadline.
*The news came as the pair met yesterday (Tuesday) morning to set out a new opening timetable after the club last week blamed “safety critical issues” for the delay.
*Mace chief executive Mark Reynolds told Building the firm had discovered problems with the wiring for fire detection systems during commissioning and testing work.
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