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Understanding the Connection Between Delayed Diagnosis and Dismissed Concerns
Dismissed concerns is a significant aspect of delayed diagnosis, a form of medical negligence that can have potentially dangerous, even fatal consequences for patients.
delayed  diagnosis  medical-negligence 
november 2018 by Adventure_Web
Browser Extensions Are a Privacy Nightmare: Stop Using So Many of Them
"someone develops an extension that gains a large amount of users, but doesn’t necessarily make any money. That developer is approached by a company that will pay a large amount of money to purchase the extension. If the developer accepts the purchase, the new company modifies the extension to insert advertisements and tracking, uploads it to the Chrome Web Store as an update, and all the existing users are now using the new company’s extension—with no warning.

This happened to Particle for YouTube"

"In the past, we might have said that the Web Developer extension was safe because it was legitimate. However, the developer fell for a phishing attack and the extension became malicious. It’s a good reminder that, even if you could trust someone not to sell their extension to a shady company, you’re relying on that person for your security. If that person slips up and allows their account to be hijacked, you’ll end up dealing with the consequences—and they could be a lot worse than what happened with the Web Developer extension."
awareness  warning  browser  Chrome  extension  hijacking  malware  spyware  delayed  attack 
august 2018 by dandv

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