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mapbox/delatin: A fast JavaScript terrain mesh generation tool based on Delaunay triangulation
A fast JavaScript 3D terrain mesh generation tool. Approximates a height field with a Delaunay triangulation, minimizing the amount of points and triangles for a given maximum error.
javascript  terrain  tin  delaunay  dem  tesselation 
11 days ago by mojodna
Face Morphing using Delaunay Triangulation
We can use various algorithms to generate the intermediary images while morphing an image say M to another image say N
art  morphing  Delaunay  triangulation 
19 days ago by tiredoldfellow
How Math and Computational Geometry Influence Digital Art • Filestack Blog
...a technique to triangulate source images, converting them to abstract, artistic images composed of tiles of triangles in an attempt to explore the fields between computer technology and art.
art  mathematics  Delaunay  triangulation 
19 days ago by tiredoldfellow
mapbox/delaunator: An incredibly fast JavaScript library for Delaunay triangulation of 2D points
An incredibly fast JavaScript library for Delaunay triangulation of 2D points - mapbox/delaunator
triangulation  map  algorithms  graphics  opensource  delaunay 
june 2019 by raphman
Delaunator (JS) ported to C++
delaunay  c++  software 
september 2018 by amitp

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