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Delibar, Delicious Mac client
Delibar is a full featured Delicious and Pinboard Mac client. Delibar focuses on giving Mac OS X users an easy and quick tool for searching, managing and sharing their bookmarks.
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february 2018 by djmonta
Eight Years of Victory (Pinboard Blog)
The big story this year was last month's surprise acquisition of Pinboard's long-time nemesis Delicious. This illustrates the importance of always having a backup nemesis, an area where Pinboard leads the industry.  business  pinboard  bookmarks  delicious 
december 2017 by foliovision
Pinboard / Delicious - Anatomy of a Crushing
"In December of 2010, Yahoo announced it was ‘sunsetting’ Delicious, an adventure I wrote about at length. The site was sold to the YouTube founders in 2011. They subsequently sold it to Science, Inc. in 2014. Science sold it to Delicious Media in 2016, and last month Delicious Media sold it to me." -Maciej Ceglowski, Nine Fives Software

"On December 16th (2010) Yahoo held an all-hands meeting to rally the troops after a big round of layoffs. Around 11 AM someone at this meeting showed a slide with a couple of Yahoo properties grouped into three categories, one of which was ominously called "sunset". The most prominent logo in the group belonged to Delicious, our main competitor. Milliseconds later, the slide was on the web, and there was an ominous thundering sound as every Delicious user in North America raced for the exit.(The list also included the mysteriously indestructible Yahoo Bookmarks, though that didn't seem to affect anyone. How Yahoo Bookmarks has persisted into 2011 remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of computer science.) ..."

What we did right:
Used dedicated hardware.
Charged money for a good or service - no making the users the product.

What we did wrong:
Too many tasks required typing into a live database.
We had no public status page.
Assumed slaves would be within a few minutes of the master.
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october 2017 by Tonti
Adopting that concept I have been experimenting with a set of transformation rules (written in JSON). As a result in analogy to XML/XSLT the combination JSON/JSONT can be used to transform JSON data into any other format by applying a specific set of r
JavaScript  Scheme  json  html  transform  cool  xslt  xml  example  code  jsont  minimal  template  eval  svg 
october 2017 by mshook account
This is the canonical version of my tags.
See also for derivative versions.
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october 2017 by mshook

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