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JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome
How browsers schedule and execute scripts can impact the performance of web pages. While techniques like <script defer>, <link rel=preload> (and others) influence script loading, knowing how browsers interpret them can also be helpful.
performance  priority  preload  defer 
29 days ago by davidmatas
Idle Until Urgent
After spending a lot of time thinking about this problem, I realized that the evaluation strategy I really wanted was one where my code would initially be deferred to idle periods but then run immediately as soon as it’s needed. In other words: idle-until-urgent.
fridayfrontend  javascript  idle  urgent  priority  performance  defer 
october 2018 by spaceninja
guard & defer - NSHipster
“We should do (as wise programmers aware of our limitations) our utmost best to … make the correspondence between the program (spread out in text space) and the process (spread out in time) as trivial as possible.” —Edsger W.
control-flow  defer  guard  swift  swift-2 
august 2018 by pitiphong_p

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