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High Tech is the Real China Threat
The welcome news emerging from the G20 meeting in Argentina this month was that China and the United States had agreed to a truce in the escalating trade war the two sides have been fighting for the last year.

Yet a more worrisome question is what will become of the longer-term economic rivalry between the two. For the United States, the trend lines are troubling, particularly as China works methodically to become the world’s technology leader. China’s rise as a technological powerhouse isn’t just a threat to U.S. national pride or jobs—it is becoming a big concern as well for the U.S. military. In some critical industries, the battle for technological dominance is a battle the United States is already losing.

“Say you’re making the latest generation of a helicopter, and you want flat-panel displays for the cockpit. Where do they come from? From Asia. They all come from two time zones in Asia,” says Willy Shih, a Harvard economist who studies technology and manufacturing. “I’d say 70 percent of the world’s semiconductor foundry capacity is in three science parks in Taiwan. All of the small optical sensors come from Asia. Touchscreens—from Asia. Camera components, optical components—Asia.”

Additionally, the Defense report found that there are other areas that are threatened, including machine tools, composite materials, and printed circuit boards. About 90 percent of the world’s printed circuit boards are made in Asia, with more than half made in China—while the “U.S. printed circuit board sub-sector is aging, constricting, and failing to maintain the state of the art.”

Chinese dominance in making high-tech equipment doesn’t necessarily constitute a national security crisis. But the fear is that if tensions with China were to escalate, China could cut off the supply of critical U.S. military components. Recent sparring between the United States and China over technology equipment companies such as Huawei and ZTE reflects U.S. worries that China could try to gain a military advantage by designing electrical components that it secretly controls. In 2010, the U.S. Navy bought 59,000 computer chips destined for helicopters that were discovered to be counterfeits containing a “Trojan horse” or “kill switch” flaw that would have allowed an enemy to render the helicopter’s weapons inoperable. In October of this year, Bloomberg Businessweek reported that the Chinese military had secretly inserted microchips the size of a grain of rice on server motherboards made in China that wound up in the mainframes of nearly 30 companies, including Apple, for the purpose of conducting industrial espionage.

Deng Xiaoping once famously counseled his countrymen to “hide our capacities and bide our time”—a nod to playing the long game for which China is famous. For the last few decades, China has followed Deng’s advice, ramping up its manufacturing capacity with the help of state subsidies, foreign investment, and cheap labor. For years, China was thought of as the world’s factory floor, exporting cheap sneakers, T-shirts, and plastic toys around the globe. Lately, though, China has set its sights on higher-tech industries. Its “Made in China 2025” plan calls for rapid development in 10 high-tech fields including robotics, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, and aerospace engineering.
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Nos bonnes adresses pour sortir au milieu des tours de La Défense
Plus vaste quartier d’affaires d’Europe, La Défense a plus d’un tour dans son sac et entend désormais jouer la carte des loisirs. Ce que nous sommes allés vérifier sans attaché-case.
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Defense of Japan 2018
pamphlet-looking thingie - heavy on graphics
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Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor - Slashdot
I am reminded of a history book I read recently entitled "Skeletons on the Zahara" by Dean King. It is about some American sailors who get shipwrecked on the Atlantic Coast of Africa and go through hell. Eventually most of them make it back to freedom with the help of some Arab traders based in Morocco. These traders range across the Sahara on incredibly arduous journeys. They are just about the toughest and meanest hombres you can possibly imagine. They've been through all kinds of fights and ambushes, plagues of locusts, sandstorms, etc. and come out on top. Because of their success they have acquired camels, horses, and weapons: not only swords and daggers but rifles and shotguns too. After having rescued the Americans, these guys go out on another journey in the desert, and find themselves surrounded by a few dozen people who are wretched even by the standards of the Sahara: no animals, little in the way of clothing, and no weapons except for bags containing stones. A fight breaks out. The traders discharge their weapons and kill everyone they shoot at: maybe half a dozen. Then before they can reload they are all killed by flying stones.
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16 days ago by craniac
Scott Greenfield: America's Criminal-Justice System Is Broken - The Atlantic
quotes by scott greenfield

The laundry list of basic procedural due-process rights—notice, opportunity to defend, cross-examination—have been ripped to shreds as unfair, traumatic weapons to victimize accusers. Of course, these are the same processes that are desperately at risk in non-sex-related criminal cases, where a similar cohort demands they be provided and honored. Why are they good for some accusers and horrible for others?

If cross-examination is an evil because it might “re-traumatize” the victim, is that not the same when the victim is in court for a robbery? If we’re to “believe the victim,” to functionally undermine the presumption of innocence and shift the onus onto the accused to prove they’re not guilty, how do we explain not believing the victim in any other criminal proceeding? And before anyone replies, “But we do,” no, criminal-defense lawyers don’t. No accusation is above challenge.

Either the concept of due process is an inherent virtue in our system or it isn’t. It doesn’t morph from wonderful to horrible based upon the nature of the accusation, or which side is preferred at any moment. As the concept is vilified, procedural fairness is increasingly seen as some technical trick to favor the accused rather than giving the accused a fair opportunity to defend himself. And lest there be any doubt, not only is it an inherent virtue in all proceedings, but without it we’re left with an inquisition. Then again, when it comes to proceedings like Title IX sex policing, that’s pretty much what’s desired by the accusers, even though it’s in fundamental conflict with core premises of our jurisprudence.

later, responding to a question about applying the concept of due process to non-criminal proceedings:

"While due process is properly thought of as technical legal rules, it didn’t come out of nowhere; it came from the values society decided were worthy and necessary to craft a system of decision making before anyone would be condemned and punished. So although due process doesn’t technically apply, the values underlying due process are still as worthy and necessary as ever. It’s not because the rules require it, but because we, as a society, should value such things as fundamental fairness, opportunity to defend, the presumption of innocence, a neutral fact finder, and the burden of proof, at whatever level it should be, on the accuser."
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4964(S) Special groups have been assigned to a new logon. (Windows 10) | Microsoft Docs
Throwing important AD users into a special security audit group will raise security events in the event log to allow easier tracking. Useful for exploring an environment where people have hard coded certain accounts or registered a task/service with an inappropriate account
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