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David Ignatius - The Chinese threat that an aircraft carrier can’t stop
8/7/18 - ... China appears determined to seize this AI “high ground” of future conflict. For the past two years, Chinese companies have won an AI competition for detecting objects. The Chinese are happy for the United States to keep building carriers and bombers, so long as they deploy the more advanced technologies that can disable these systems.
Defense  Technology  Politics  China 
9 days ago by mcbakewl
Former Obama Officials Help Silicon Valley Pitch the Pentagon for Lucrative Defense Contracts
Work said he was “alarmed” to see the Silicon Valley company abandon the Project Maven initiative, adding that he hoped “it’s not a canary in the coal mine” that presages other technology firms distancing themselves from Defense Department contracts.
google  defense  technology  darpa  military 
29 days ago by jomc
Bot Mitigation & API Security | Distil Networks
Protect your website against web scraping, bot traffic, competitive data mining, form spam & click fraud with Distil Networks. Try Distil today.
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