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16 iptables tips and tricks for sysadmins
Modern Linux kernels come with a packet-filtering framework named Netfilter. Netfilter enables you to allow, drop, and modify traffic coming in and going out of a system. The iptables userspace command-line tool builds upon this functionality to provide a powerful firewall, which you can configure by adding rules to form a firewall policy. iptables can be very daunting with its rich set of capabilities and baroque command syntax. Let's explore some of them and develop a set of iptables tips and tricks for many situations a system administrator might encounter.
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17 days ago by davem
Stringless YARA Rules
YARA is among the many tools we use to perform deep-file inspection, with a fairly extensive rule set. InQuest operates at line speed in very high-traffic networks, so these rules need to be fast.

This blog post is the first in a series discussing YARA performance notes, tips, and hacks.
cyber  defense  tools  network  tutorial 
17 days ago by davem

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