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UK report warns DeepMind Health could gain ‘excessive monopoly power’ | TechCrunch
DeepMind’s foray into digital health services continues to raise concerns. The latest worries are voiced by a panel of external reviewers appointed by the Google-owned AI company to report on its operations after its initial data-sharing arrangements with the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) ran into a major public controversy in 2016.
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4 days ago by PieroRivizzigno
DeepMind AI learns to reconstruct scenes from images • Axios
Alison Snyder:
<p>The system uses a pair of images of a virtual 3D scene taken from different angles to create a representation of the space. A separate “generation” network then predicts what the scene will look like from a different viewpoint it hasn’t seen before.

<img src="" width="100%" />

• After training the generative query network (GQN) on millions of images, it could use one image to determine the identity, position and color of objects as well as shadows and other aspects of perspective, the authors wrote.

• That ability to understand the scene's structure is the "most fascinating" part of the study, wrote the University of Maryland's Matthias Zwicker, who wasn't involved in the research.

• The DeepMind researchers also tested the AI in a maze and reported the network can accurately predict a scene with only partial information.

• A virtual robotic arm could also be controlled by the GQN to reach a colored object in a scene.</p>

<a href="">Full paper at Science</a>.
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4 days ago by charlesarthur
Google Is Training Machines to Predict When a Patient Will Die - Bloomberg
AI advances by the 'Medical Brain' team could help the internet giant finally break into the health-care business
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5 days ago by PieroRivizzigno
UK report warns DeepMind Health could gain ‘excessive monopoly power’ • TechCrunch
Natasha Lomas:
<p>The <a href="">DeepMind Health Independent Reviewers’ 2018 report</a> flags a series of risks and concerns, as they see it, including the potential for DeepMind Health to be able to “exert excessive monopoly power” as a result of the data access and streaming infrastructure that’s bundled with provision of the Streams app — and which, contractually, positions DeepMind as the access-controlling intermediary between the structured health data and any other third parties that might, in the future, want to offer their own digital assistance solutions to the Trust.

While the underlying FHIR (aka, fast healthcare interoperability resource) deployed by DeepMind for Streams uses an open API, the contract between the company and the Royal Free Trust funnels connections via DeepMind’s own servers, and prohibits connections to other FHIR servers. A commercial structure that seemingly works against the openness and interoperability DeepMind’s co-founder Mustafa Suleyman has claimed to support.

“There are many examples in the IT arena where companies lock their customers into systems that are difficult to change or replace. Such arrangements are not in the interests of the public. And we do not want to see DeepMind Health putting itself in a position where clients, such as hospitals, find themselves forced to stay with DeepMind Health even if it is no longer financially or clinically sensible to do so; we want DeepMind Health to compete on quality and price, not by entrenching legacy position,” the reviewers write.</p>

Once you begin to rely on an AI black box, you're at risk of being tied even more closely to a provider. It's rather like the lock that IBM used to have in a long-gone past of mainframe computing.
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5 days ago by charlesarthur
DeepMind: First major AI patent filings revealed - The IPKat
"DeepMind, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) research company, has filed a series of international patent applications, which have now been published for the first time. The applications relate to a number of the fundamental aspects of modern day machine learning, and are therefore of potential significance to anyone operating in the commercial AI sector. (..) DeepMind was founded in 2010 and acquired by Google in 2014 for £400m. In 2017, DeepMind famously developed AI capable of defeating a world-champion at Go" (...)

"WO 2018/048934, "Generating Audio using neural networks", Priority date: 6 Sep 2016
WO 2018064591, "Generating video frames using neural networks", Priority date: 6 Sep 2016"
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12 days ago by gohai

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