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Looking forward to workshopping our work around and media at and surfa…
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12 days ago by Be_Optimistic
1/ THREAD. What are possible to the threats and synthetic media could pose to evidence, truth…
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17 days ago by Be_Optimistic
RT : We worked with on a convening with engineers around . did an amazing job writing…
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18 days ago by danbri
Deepfake videos are a national security threat.
“Effective deep fakes will allow individuals to live in their own subjective realities, where beliefs can be supported by manufactured ‘facts.’ When basic empirical insights provoke heated contestation, democratic discourse cannot proceed on a sustained basis.”
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25 days ago by cataspanglish
RT : Newsrooms lack the people & technology to detect and verify & at the speed required, while jou…
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26 days ago by jokeefe
Deepfakes Were Created As a Way to Own Women's Bodies—We Can't Forget That - Broadly
In major news outlets around the world, the deepfakes story blitzed straight past sex and consent and into “fake news” territory. As coverage graduated from “OMG nudes” to “OMG what if someone makes fake videos of Trump launching nukes,” the media attention deepfakes garnered stopped grappling with how it began.n these online spaces, men’s sense of entitlement over women’s bodies tends to go entirely unchecked. Users feed off one another to create a sense that they are the kings of the universe, that they answer to no one. This logic is how you get incels and pickup artists, and it’s how you get deepfakes: a group of men who see no harm in treating women as mere images, and view making and spreading algorithmically weaponized revenge porn as a hobby as innocent and timeless as trading baseball cards.This is the point I kept coming back to: We have to pay attention to the spirit of deepfakes as it started. We can move beyond it, and talk at length about ethical uses of artificial intelligence, fake news literacy, and who has access to powerful tools like machine learning. But we must first acknowledge that the technology that could start a nuclear war was born as a way for men to have their full, fantastical way with women’s bodies.
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8 weeks ago by osi_info_program

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