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GitHub - mlajtos/L1: L1: Tensor Studio — The playground for tensors
L1: Tensor Studio — The playground for tensors. Contribute to mlajtos/L1 development by creating an account on GitHub.
math  tutorial  deeplearning  tools 
2 days ago by twleung
GitHub - Kaixhin/grokking-pytorch: The Hitchiker's Guide to PyTorch
The Hitchiker's Guide to PyTorch. Contribute to Kaixhin/grokking-pytorch development by creating an account on GitHub.
pytorch  deeplearning 
2 days ago by twleung
Bridging the gap between data and insights | Google Cloud Blog
To address customers needs to analyze and understand their data, we're announcing BigQuery ML, enhancements to Data Studio, and upgrades to Cloud Dataproc.
gcp  deeplearning 
2 days ago by twleung
Detecting and Outlining Lakes with Python3 and OpenCV 3
The goal is to detect the largest body of water and calculate the radius and approximate area, given screen capture from Google Maps. The article introduces some code that, given a screen capture…
vision  deeplearning 
2 days ago by twleung
A tutorial on using Google Cloud TPUs – Good Audience
During the summer of 2018, I participated in the Deep Learning Camp Jeju 2018, a month-long deep learning research camp organized by TensorFlow Korea Group and sponsored by Google and four other AI…
2 days ago by twleung

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