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Open AI – Spinning Up
Welcome to Spinning Up in Deep RL! This is an educational resource produced by OpenAI that makes it easier to learn about deep reinforcement learning (deep RL).

For the unfamiliar: reinforcement learning (RL) is a machine learning approach for teaching agents how to solve tasks by trial and error. Deep RL refers to the combination of RL with deep learning.

This module contains a variety of helpful resources, including:

a short introduction to RL terminology, kinds of algorithms, and basic theory, an essay about how to grow into an RL research role, a curated list of important papers organized by topic, a well-documented code repo of short, standalone implementations of key algorithms, and a few exercises to serve as warm-ups.
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How to recognize fake AI-generated images – Kyle McDonald – Medium
In 2014 machine learning researcher Ian Goodfellow introduced the idea of generative adversarial networks or GANs. “Generative” because they output things like images rather than predictions about…
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