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How to reduce image's file size in Previe… - Apple Community
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Create the filters in "/Library/PDF Services" instead which does not require you to disable SIP (System Integrity Protection)
mac  macos  reduce  file  size  small  compress  image  preview  PDF  quartz  filter  decrease 
february 2019 by ebouchut
BBC: "Is gun control movement too white?", by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review
Steve, do you remember The Million Mom March in 2000? It was before Twitter and Facebook. The march drew an estimated attendance of 750,000 gun control supporters at the D.C. location (over 500,000 more than March for Our Lives).
decrease  support  gun  control  quote 
june 2018 by elev8
The Mere Anticipation of an Interaction with a Woman Can Impair Men’s Cognitive Performance | SpringerLink
"men’s cognitive performance is depleted after a short interaction with a woman, especially if the woman is attractive and men report trying to impress her (Karremans, Verwijmeren, Pronk, & Reitsma, 2009 -

Two studies demonstrated that men’s (but not women’s) cognitive performance declined if they were led to believe that they interacted with a woman via a computer (Study 1) or even if they merely anticipated an interaction with a woman (Study 2). Together, these results suggest that an actual interaction is not a necessary prerequisite for the cognitive impairment effect to occur. Moreover, these effects occur even if men do not get information about the woman’s attractiveness."
men  intelligence  drop  decrease  interaction  attractive  women 
february 2017 by dandv
Long-term relationships may reduce women's sex drive - Medical News Today
Researchers examined 2,173 premenopausal Finnish women from two large-scale data collections, one in 2006 and the other 7 years later, in 2013.

The study found that women who had stayed in the same monogamous relationship over the entire 7-year observation period experienced the greatest decrease in sexual desire.
women  decrease  sexual  desire  monogamy  long  term  relationship 
november 2016 by dandv
Get A Stronger Butt To Decrease Knee Pain: Back Leg Raise - YouTube
Did you know having stronger glut muscles decreases the stress on your knees. This exercise helps your glutes get stronger. Have you claimed your free 30 day knee rehab calendar yet? Get it here --
Get  A  Stronger  Butt  To  Decrease  Knee  Pain:  Back  Leg  Raise 
october 2016 by siobhanfrancedpt
ADI: Consumer Engagement With Brand Websites Down In 2015
Adobe Digital Index’s (ADI) new “Best Of The Best” report unearthed some concerning findings for marketers in all industries: Consumers visited brand websites less frequently in 2015, and those visits were typically shorter. - Read more at:
brand  website  visits  statistics  decrease 
august 2016 by markhgn
Best Strengthening Exercises That Help Decrease Knee Pain - YouTube
knee pain stretches & exercises. best stretches for knee pain With Dr.Siobhan France. Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Read about knee pain causes, symptoms, and treatment at There are several factors that can cause knee pain...
Best  Strengthening  Exercises  That  Help  Decrease  Knee  Pain 
may 2016 by siobhanfrancedpt
How Text Messages Change from Dating to Marriage
Nice quantified texting: dating period vs. 6 years into the marriage.

"Overall, our text messages started out very flirty and personal. Since we were new in our relationship, we made sure the things we said were interesting and thoughtful. As our relationship progressed, we spent more time together and got more comfortable with each other. Our text messages became more predictable, but only because all of the unpredictable things were said in person. We no longer have to text “I love you” from a distance in the middle of the night."
Quantified  Self  dating  texting  marriage  romance  love  decrease 
february 2016 by dandv

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