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The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen – The Mission – Medium
A few months ago, my friend Tim took a new sales job at a Series C tech company that had raised over $60 million from A-list investors. He’s one of the best salespeople I know, but soon after…
sales  marketing  Unread  Pocket  IFTTT  deck  pitch  presentation  pitching  business 
2 days ago by tranqy
A Call to Minimize Distraction & Respect Users' Attention by Tristan Harris
Tristan Harris published this presentation internally at Google in February 2013. It sparked a conversation within the company, and five years later new features for helping users manage their attention made their way into Android P. It has never been shared in full before now.
ethics  design  distraction  attention  google  tristanharris  deck  tech 
2 days ago by eugenexxv
How to build a deck Part 2 Joists and Assembly - YouTube
How to build a deck Part 2 Joists and Assembly
How  to  build  a  deck  Part  2  Joists  and  Assembly  renovision  diy 
8 days ago by kilroy2
How to build a deck Part 6 Railings and Skirt - YouTube
How to build a deck Part 6 Railings and Skirt
How  to  build  a  deck  Part  6  Railings  and  Skirt  renovision  diy 
9 days ago by kilroy2
How to Build a Deck Part 6: Railing - YouTube
How to Build a Deck Part 6: Railing
How  to  Build  a  Deck  Part  6:  Railing  fence 
9 days ago by kilroy2
How to Pour a Concrete Deck Footing - This Old House - YouTube
How to Pour a Concrete Deck Footing - This Old House
How  to  Pour  a  Concrete  Deck  Footing  -  This  Old  House 
10 days ago by kilroy2
Trashcan Broke Horse Guardian Pete
Low resource Dark Horse build for a Guardian Pete, 2 co-op
ArkhamHorrorLCG  AshcanPete  deck  boardgames 
10 days ago by kakkoii
5 Factors to Consider for Designing Your Dream Deck
If you are now in the process of designing your dream deck, consider these five important factors for creating your perfect outdoor space.
deck  design  outdoor-living 
13 days ago by Adventure_Web
tags: needsEditing How to Safely Attach a Deck to a House - This Old House This Old House YouTube Video ;;;
needsEditing  How  to  Safely  Attach  a  Deck  House  -  This  Old  YouTube  Video 
16 days ago by neerajsinghvns

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