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On Consensus and Humming in the IETF
The IETF has had a long tradition of doing its technical work through a consensus process, taking into account the different views among IETF participants and coming to (at least rough) consensus on technical matters. In particular, the IETF is supposed not to be run by a "majority rule" philosophy. This is why we engage in rituals like "humming" instead of voting. However, more and more of our actions are now indistinguishable from voting, and quite often we are letting the majority win the day without consideration of minority concerns. This document explains some features of rough consensus, what is not rough consensus, how we have gotten away from it, how we might think about it differently, and the things we can do in order to really achieve rough consensus.

- Lack of disagreement is more important than agreement.
- Rough consensus is achieved when all issues are addressed, but not necessarily accommodated.
- Humming should be the start of a conversation, not the end.
- Consensus is the path, not the destination.
- Five people for and one hundred people against might still be rough consensus.

A chair who asks, "Is everyone OK with choice A?" is going to get objections. But a chair who asks, "Can anyone not live with choice A?" is more likely to only hear from folks who think that choice A is impossible to engineer given some constraints. Following up with, "What are the reasons you object to choice A?" is also essential.
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2 days ago by drmeme
Principles for Decision-Making in a Flat Organization
How can non-hierarchical teams balance transparency and openness to feedback with making decisions quickly? Practical thoughts from a back-end team leader...
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5 days ago by philiphagen
PBE Games: Dice Roller
This dice roller will roll up to 1000 rolls using up to five different dice combinations. The results will be mailed to one to five email addresses. To use, fill in the form with the appropriate information and hit the Submit button. It supports many kinds of dice and should handle rolls for most RPG or PBM games, or fantasy leagues.
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8 days ago by icheyne

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